New jetty wins OK on Monty’s Bay in Chazy

June 26, 2016 - Finding Carter

CHAZY — A new jetty on Monty’s Bay has been certified by a Town of Chazy Planning Board, notwithstanding neighbors’ concerns about a miss of slip on existent ones.

James Carter perceived a OK for a wharf and 49 moorings for a marina, designed for a mark about one-third mile north of a intersection of Lake Shore Road and Reynolds Road, usually north of Monty’s Bay Marina.

After an initial open hearing, Planning Board Chair Gina Faoro Gratton suggested a people in assemblage that a assembly was usually to plead a skeleton for a new marina, not issues with other marinas.

Aaron Ovios of Robert M. Sutherland, a engineering organisation for a project, presented a devise on Carter’s behalf. He pronounced a applicant has perceived a assent from a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Ovios pronounced a Clinton County Sheriff’s Department had legalised a grapnel margin and certified a State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to concede it.



Carter’s member have met with a State Office of General Services and practical for a franchise for pronounced moorings.

And they have also met with a Clinton County Highway Department on walking transformation and trade during a site. One chapter was to boost a breadth of a vehicle-loading area to 16 feet.

The Clinton County Health Department is watchful to see what form of septic pump-out hire is planned. 

Carter sought all of those approvals in capitulation of neighbors’ concerns about other marinas in a area, Ovios said.

“We are complying with all of a manners and regulations of all of a state and sovereign supervision as good as a Town of Chazy,” Ovios said. “We acquire slip of this property.”



There is no fin planned, Ovios said, and no dockage slips. The docks are for loading and unloading only.

There will be no gas sales or H2O or electric use on a dock. They will use solar lighting for illumination, he said.

And no on-land vessel storage is planned, even in a off-season. The jetty will not be used to launch a boats that are moored there, he said.

A vast apportionment of a assembly was dedicated to wastewater complement pump-out service. That would be finished by jetty staff, who would be on avocation from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 7 days a week, in season.

The applicant primarily wanted to use a sugar car with a 25-gallon tank to be wheeled behind and onward from boats during a wharf to a septic complement on a western side of a property.

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Planning Board member Jay Toohill pronounced a County Health Department wanted that to be during slightest 50 gallons, though Planning Board member Adrien Dutil pronounced he didn’t consider that would be vast enough.

He called for a 500-gallon tank on a transport on seaside that could be towed by tractor to a septic complement opposite a road.



Planning Board member Rodger Bodine asked if they could safeguard boaters during a jetty wouldn’t dump sewage in a water.

Ovios pronounced they would post notices that it is not authorised and any held doing that would be told to leave a marina. 

He pronounced Carter, who is concerned in other jetty operations, would mistreat his possess provision if he authorised boaters to get divided with that.

Neighboring skill owners Thomas Dragoon asked if there would be a assign to use a siphon use and was told yes.

“You’re arguing about something that never going to be used,” he said. “They’re usually going to chuck a s–t in a lake.”

Town Codes Officer Mickey Tetreault pronounced that, given a issues that have come to light during other marinas nearby, many of these points indispensable to be conditions of approval. 

That will give him a management to make those conditions, he said.

The Planning Board certified a devise by a 3-to-1 vote, with Gratton, Bodine and Dutil in preference and Toohill opposed.



Conditions enclosed merging Carter’s dual properties to yield a compulsory 300 feet of lakefront, no vessel launch facility, no winter storage of boats, no parking on Lake Shore Road, a sewage pumping complement with a 500-gallon storage tank on seaside that can be towed to a septic complement behind a offices, signage to need use of pronounced system, boulders to strengthen a septic complement leachfields, lighting on a dock, no gasoline sales, no camping on a skill and no breakwater.

The Planning Board also released a disastrous anticipating for a State Environmental Quality Review Act review, that indicates there would be no poignant environmental impact from a new marina.

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