North OC Commits to 700 New Homeless Shelter Beds; South County Identifies Zero

June 18, 2018 - Finding Carter

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Three north Orange County cities committed Wednesday to adding a sum of 700 new homeless preserve beds during specific sites – on tip of a some-more than 1,000 preserve beds already in north county – though south county mayors didn’t brand any additional preserve sites.

U.S. District Judge David O. Carter two months ago called on south county cities to brand and rise additional preserve beds, and gave them until Wednesday to brand locations. But during a justice assembly Wednesday, south county city officials pronounced they had not nonetheless identified any preserve sites.

After some-more than dual hours of private discussion, where Carter pulpy mayors to find one or some-more sites for preserve beds in south county, Irvine Mayor Don Wagner pronounced a mayors had finished “no decisions” on sites, though did accept “more clarity” from Carter.

“I consider [the south county mayors] are committed” to anticipating an additional preserve site or sites, Wagner told Voice of OC Wednesday evening. “I consider a decider is going to insist on it.”

The mayors see industrial park areas as creation a many clarity for preserve beds since they’re not circuitously schools or parks, Wagner said, acknowledging “you don’t have a lot of those in south county.”

The south county mayors devise to accommodate in about dual weeks to plead a emanate further, he said.

South county now has fewer than 100 puncture preserve beds for singular homeless group and women.

Carter has been presiding over a sovereign polite rights lawsuit about a necessity of homeless shelters in Orange County. He has regularly pronounced Santa Ana and Anaheim are doing some-more than their share to horde shelters and services, and that Santa Ana has been “inundated” with homeless people since of a miss of preserve options elsewhere in a county.

On Apr 3, Carter called on other tools of a county – particularly south county – to any take caring of their “proportional” share of a county’s homeless population.

And during a May 25 justice meeting, Carter gave a cities until Wednesday, Jun 13 to brand locations for 3 new puncture homeless shelters, and pronounced a hundreds of homeless people who have been staying during a county’s dual armory shelters need to be accommodated when a armories tighten Jul 16.

Carter commended Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Huntington Beach for committing to a 700 new preserve beds. The decider and a law clerk wrote a cities’ names on a vast print paper and whiteboard in a courtroom, along with a series of beds any city committed to.

Carter pronounced city officials had supposing him a specific locations of a preserve sites. But he would not divulge a locations, observant he was respecting a cities’ ask to keep a locations trusted as discussions proceed.

Under state law, cities will be compulsory to make a preserve locations open before city councils opinion to squeeze skill for a preserve or concede existent city-owned skill to be used for shelter.

The new preserve commitments were:

  • An additional 300 beds in Santa Ana: replacing a 400-bed Courtyard preserve with a new 700-bed facility. Santa Ana now has some-more than 600 preserve beds.
  • An additional 325 beds in Anaheim: a 75-bed shelter, 50-bed shelter, and a 200-bed preserve in a building owned by businessman Bill Taormina. Anaheim now has 200 preserve beds.
  • An additional 75 beds in unincorporated Midway City: 55 beds in one preserve and 20 in another nearby, as partial of a corner appropriation arrangement with Huntington Beach and Westminster. Midway City now has 20 preserve beds.

“We are intensely critical about it,” Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido pronounced of a Santa Ana City Council’s perspective of a due 700-bed site. “Nothing is going to stop us. We are prepared to ensue brazen and pierce as fast as we can on that.”

Carter pronounced a due Santa Ana plcae is a “great site” circuitously services, in an area where it would not have “much of an impact on residential communities.” He pronounced a trickery would assistance giveaway military officers to make crime instead of spending time responding to homelessness issues.

There is no timeline for opening Santa Ana’s due shelter, though Taormina pronounced a due preserve on his skill in Anaheim could be open by a finish of this year.

“We can do a 200-bed trickery in Anaheim by New Years’ Eve, so we can all go there and have a party,” Taormina said. “I wish to appreciate [attorneys] Brooke [Weitzman] and Carol [Sobel] for bringing this to a court,” since now “we have a catalyst” to get this done, he added.

“We need to forestall anarchy” on a streets, Taormina added.

Huntington Beach Mayor Mike Posey pronounced one of a expanded-bed comforts in Midway City will be opening in 90 to 120 days, and a second in 6 to 9 months.

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Jose Moreno told Carter his City Council is “prepared to pierce forward” with all 3 due sites in his city.

One of a sites, he said, would be a “75-bed puncture center” where police, non-profits and faith-based groups can combine with a city in assisting homeless people pierce off a streets.

Going forward, Moreno said, he and other members of the city’s Homeless Policy Working Group are looking to build 50 to 75-bed shelters in any of a city’s 6 legislature districts, so no singular district is doing some-more or reduction than another.

Repeatedly during Wednesday’s meeting, Carter dangled a awaiting that specific cities would be discharged from a polite fights lawsuit, by settlements, once they dedicate to additional preserve beds and hoop intake for their homeless population.

As for funding, Carter pronounced adequate income already exists for new shelters and housing and no new taxes are needed.

“I resolutely trust that a money’s there,” Carter said, adding a emanate unequivocally is anticipating sites.

Carter, as he has in a past, emphasized regularly that he wants to make certain cities are not pulling homeless people from city to city.

Cities elsewhere in a county have ecstatic homeless people to a Courtyard preserve in Santa Ana, that is a county’s usually walk-in homeless preserve for singular group and women, according to Carter and confidence video disclosed by Santa Ana.

Undersheriff Don Barnes, vocalization during a justice assembly Wednesday, pronounced a Sheriff’s Department continues to face a miss of places to take homeless people they confront who have critical mental illnesses.

“[Our] behavioral health complement has collapsed in California. And those solutions have to be addressed,” Barnes said.

“The plea we have is discernible resources. Where do we take [people to get them into the] complement of care?” asked Barnes, job it a department’s “greatest challenge” with homelessness.

Carter commended a Sheriff’s Department for providing homelessness training to certain deputies who correlate with homeless people. But Carter pronounced a days of transporting people from south county to Santa Ana are over.

Referring to Barnes and a Sheriff’s Department, Carter said: “He can’t pierce them to Santa Ana. He can’t pierce them to Santa Ana!” Carter pronounced again, lifting his voice. “We’re finished with that. It’s too impacted.”

Carter also pronounced he would not be rigidly enforcing a Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) during shelters, that is a theme of one of a lawsuits he’s presiding over associated to a Santa Ana River evictions.

“For a women in this audience, we don’t know…what county allows a women…to be unprotected to a plunge and passionate abuse that we hear walking adult and down a river,” Carter said.

Referring to a ADA lawsuit by a Legal Aid Society of Orange County, whose lead profession is Lili Graham, Carter said: “I’ve shoved Lili off.”

“I’ve pushed her off for one reason,” he added. “It’s improved [that women have a protected place to nap in a shelter] than being raped or sleeping with a taser.”

At a justice meeting, county officials highlighted an movement by county supervisors Tuesday to approve a business devise for appropriation 2,700 units of permanent understanding housing for homeless people. The devise estimates a sum cost during $930 million over a subsequent 6 years.

A UC Irvine cost investigate final year found a sum cost to a open is cut in half when homeless people who have been vital on a streets for some-more than a year pierce into permanent understanding housing.

In his open remarks in justice on Wednesday, county supervisors’ Chairman Andrew Do emphasized a county would not force shelters on any cities.

“The county shares your regard – a county doesn’t wish anything to be forced on people,” Do said.

If it’s a “mandatory” process, “people will find loopholes around that,” Do said, observant cities should consider of it as “a collaboration. Because it is.”

Do pronounced a county needs one some-more puncture preserve with during slightest 200 beds and dual new puncture mental health diagnosis centers, famous as “crisis stabilization units.” He pronounced there is usually one such trickery in a county, in Santa Ana, that has usually 10 beds.

Do also pronounced a county needs 2,700 understanding housing units, widespread opposite a county.

The supervisors on Tuesday certified a initial $13 million for mental health housing out of a $70.5 million in additional Mental Health Services Act appropriation they designated in March for housing homeless people with critical mental illnesses.

That initial $13 million will account 99 units of permanent understanding housing for homeless people with critical mental illnesses, within 11 projects that have a sum of 451 housing units, according to county officials.

AB 448, a state check to create a corner powers group of city and county officials to pool together financing for a housing, is relocating fast by a legislature, pronounced Dan Young, a former Santa Ana mayor and Irvine Company housing growth executive who has been concerned in a effort.

”This is a check that puts a cities during a table. You have a chair during a list for $900 million-worth of money,” Young said. Cities are “not required” to join, though can usually entrance a supports if they do join.

As for a county’s appropriation plan, Young said: “That becomes a business devise for how we get your 2,700 units done.” He combined there’s “a lot of work to be finished on that business plan.”

Carter pronounced he wants “specifics,” including a timeline.

Young pronounced a initial 500 housing units would be accessible in 6 months, that would double to 1,000 within a subsequent year.

Young pronounced polling shows California electorate are expected to approve $4 billion in additional appropriation for homeless housing and other homeless programs, underneath a magnitude famous as Senate Bill 3, which the legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown placed on a Nov ballot.

The due joint-powers management would be a place for county and city officials “to collaborate,” Young said.

He pronounced legislators in Sacramento have pronounced Orange County’s chances of removing appropriation for the 2,700 due housing units are “excellent” if OC moves fast to exercise a plan.

Carter pronounced a building discussions of homelessness Wednesday started during 5:30 a.m. The open contention ran from 8:42 a.m. to 11:01 a.m., afterwards Carter spent another 8 ½ hours in rounds of meetings with officials about homelessness. Around 7:30 p.m., a final discussions apparently ended, and Carter let justice confidence go home.

During Wednesday’s justice meeting, Carter responded to pushback from some city officials who have expel doubt on either he has office to retard coercion of anti-camping laws.

Carter pronounced he believes he has office to emanate a proxy confining sequence banning any city in Orange County from enforcing anti-camping and indolence laws opposite homeless people, underneath a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ statute in Jones v. City of Los Angeles.

The Jones decision found supervision can't “criminalize control that is an destined effect of being homeless,” such as sleeping on open sidewalks, when there is a necessity of adequate preserve beds.

The decider also pronounced he believes an arriving appellate statute before a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, that apparently is being created by Justice Marsha S. Berzon, will strengthen a Jones preference even further.

Carter apparently was referring to a tentative preference in a box of Robert Martin v. City of Boise, that was argued before a Ninth Circuit final summer and centers on anti-camping enforcement.

Carter pronounced he could have released a confining sequence in Orange County months ago, though that he’s been watchful to see how most swell can be finished in building a complement of caring for homeless people.

Carter also pronounced a other sovereign judges in a informal justice district – the Central District of California – have handed a emanate of homelessness to him.

“I humbly went to all of my colleagues and we pronounced since of [an progressing Santa Ana Riverbed homeless stay box in 2017, and other cases], that “I’m happy to take on a homeless issues.”

“And my colleagues” really courteously pronounced “take it,” Carter said, call delight from a audience. “We’ve got coherence now in a sovereign court.”

As for questions about Carter’s age and health – he is 74 years aged – Carter said: “I’m really healthy,” adding he expects to live until he’s 110.

Nick Gerda covers county supervision and Santa Ana for Voice of OC. You can hit him at

Contact Thy Vo during or follow her on Twitter @thyanhvo.

Voice of OC contributor Spencer Custodio contributed to this report.

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