NW OKC area fighting opposite offer for intensity unit formidable …

September 5, 2015 - Finding Carter

OKLAHOMA CITY – Some homeowners in Northwest Oklahoma City are upset, fighting for a offer about an section formidable being built too tighten to their homes.

Residents nearby a intersection of NW 164th and Portland claimed builders offered homes never let them know about a multistory building with hundreds of units could be only feet away.

Some folks are disturbed about increasing traffic, home value reductions and more.

“Everybody here is upset,” pronounced Leo Carter.

Leo Carter bought his home in this upscale growth nearby NW 164th and Portland, 7 months ago.

What he didn’t know afterwards was a 199 unit, multistory section formidable could be relocating in right subsequent door.

“Most of them feel like it’s going to reduce a homes, that we would remove value of a homes,” pronounced Carter.

Finding out about a intensity “Portland Point” apartments by a minute in a mail dual weeks ago, Carter and his neighbors have put together a petition for a city fighting to keep a formidable out.

“They feel like they’re going to be looking down in their backyards, they won’t have any privacy,” pronounced Carter.

Just down a highway nearby Memorial and MacArthur, Gale Rycroft is already traffic with a issue of an section formidable built too tighten to home.

“I built this panel, only to retard a prophesy of a patio, so we’d have some privacy,” pronounced Gale Rycroft.

Already angry by miss of privacy, Rycroft is endangered about loud neighbors when some-more residents pierce in.

After 19 years of vital here, he says he has some tough decisions to make.

“Look during a probability of offered and moving,” pronounced Rycroft.

A worry Carter shares as he skeleton to quarrel to keep his NW 164th and Portland area quiet.

“We wish we’re a winners in this quarrel for saving a neighborhood,” pronounced Carter.

The Oklahoma City Planning Commission is holding a open conference subsequent Thursday during 1:30 p.m. to hear arguments about a due section complex.

Carter pronounced he and many other residents in Ironstone will be there to make their voices heard.

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