Obama’s Pentagon Suppresses Study Finding $125 Billion in Wasteful Spending

December 7, 2016 - Finding Carter


President Barack Obama’s Pentagon discredited and suppressed an inner examine that unclosed $125 billion in greedy spending on a huge executive operations essentially ran by civilians and contractors.

The income could have been reinvested in payment for troops, weapons, and renovating a aging arch arsenal, a Washington Post (WaPo) has learned.


The Defense Business Board produced a investigate in Jan 2015 by  a sovereign advisory row of corporate executives, in coordination with consultants from McKinsey and Company.

WaPo reports:

For a military, a vital allure of a investigate was that it called for reallocating a $125 billion for infantry and weapons. Among other options, a assets could have paid a vast apportionment of a check to reconstruct a nation’s aging arch arsenal, or a handling losses for 50 Army brigades… or 3,000 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters for a Air Force, or 10 aircraft-carrier strike groups for a Navy.

U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) leaders – namely Deputy Defense Secretary Robert O. Work, a Pentagon’s second-highest-ranking official, and Frank Kendall III, a Pentagon’s arch weapons-buyer – reportedly buried a news by discrediting and suppressing a commentary after a investigate detected distant some-more greedy spending than a dialect expected.

According to a study, DoD is spending about 23 percent ($134 billion) of a $580 billion on back-office business operations, namely accounting, tellurian resources and logistics and skill management.

Meanwhile, a U.S. Army has pink-slipped tens of thousands of soldiers in a name of bill constraints — including many career-military troops who endured fight and family separations during a dozen years of fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cuts have reduced a largest bend of a American armed army to pre-World War II levels.

Instead of regulating a $125 billion in greedy spending to save some of those infantry jobs, WaPo found DoD officials are some-more endangered with Congress regulating a study’s commentary as an forgive to serve cut a magisterial invulnerability budget.

The Post reports:

But some Pentagon leaders pronounced they fretted that by spotlighting so most waste, a investigate would criticise their steady open assertions that years of bill purgation had left a armed army carnivorous of funds. Instead of providing some-more money, they said, they disturbed Congress and a White House competence confirm to cut deeper.

So a devise was killed. The Pentagon imposed privacy restrictions on a information creation adult a study, that ensured no one could replicate a findings.

In other words, DoD officials seem some-more prone to strengthen their overweight bill than a jobs of fight veterans who have risked their lives to keep them and a rest of a United States safe.

To lift out a table jobs of a beyond and core business operations, DoD is profitable a towering series (1,014,000) of contractors, civilians, and uniformed personnel, scarcely as many as it does active avocation infantry (1,300,000) opposite a world, found a study.

Mirroring a Pentagon as a whole, a infancy of a Pentagon business operations employees are civilians (448,000) and (268,000). The remaining 298,000 are use members.

The series of supervision worker and contractors (Pentagon municipal workforce) has flourished while a infantry has been timorous underneath President Obama, a pierce that several high-ranking infantry officers such as Army Gen. Ray Odierno have warned is spiritless readiness.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported in Jul 2015 that active avocation infantry are “now outnumbered by a civilians ancillary them—a ancestral shift.”

According to a news expelled this week from a Government Accountability Office (GAO), a congressional watchdog, a low series of troops deployed to fight zones, as certified by President Barack Obama, is one of a primary culprits behind a increasing faith on contractors.

The increasing use of contractors in fight zones might “undermine U.S. process objectives and bluster a reserve of U.S. forces” given a Pentagon’s “long-standing hurdles in overseeing contractors in deployed environments, and a disaster to conduct agreement support effectively,” dynamic a GAO.

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT), a fight maestro and a usually Navy SEAL inaugurated to Congress, has suggested that that a “overweight” Pentagon needs to be audited. He is a member of a House Armed Services Committee. Talking about cuts to a Pentagon used to be banned for Republican lawmakers. Republican-elect Donald Trump betrothed to compensate for a infantry buildup by “eliminating supervision rubbish and bill gimmicks.”

source ⦿ http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2016/12/06/obamas-pentagon-ignores-125-billion-wasteful-spending-rather-reinvest-troops-boost-combat-power/

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