Oscars 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won his Oscar

February 29, 2016 - Finding Carter

It finally happened. Leonardo DiCaprio has won his changed Oscar.

The Best Actor endowment comes now interjection to his fifth nomination, for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s abdominal and adventurous presence drama, The Revenant;  violence out Eddie Redmayne for The Danish Girl, Michael Fassbender for Steve Jobs, Bryan Cranston for Trumbo, and Matt Damon for The Martian. 

Though fans and critics might not have deemed his frothing, unfortunate yield for presence his all-time best work, to contend so is usually a covenant to a implausible physique of work he’s so distant accumulated. The actor perceived his initial assignment behind in 1993 for Best Supporting Actor for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape; followed by Best Actor nominations for The Aviator (2005), Blood Diamond (2007), and The Wolf of Wall Street (2014). 

And now, a husky whine of service breathes out over a Hollywood chosen tonight. The list of deserved thespians who have left unrewarded seems endless, nonetheless DiCaprio was somehow crowned as a superficial of that comfortless crew. 


Actors we consider have won Oscars though haven’t

“Thank we all so really much. Thank we to a Academy. Thank we to all of we in this room. we have to honour a other nominees,” he began, before thanking his “brother” and co-star, Tom Hardy.  

“Climate change is real. It is function right now. It is a many obligatory hazard inspiring a whole species.” he finished his debate with. “We need to support leaders around a world… who pronounce for all of humanity.”

“I appreciate we all for this extraordinary endowment tonight. Let us not take this world for granted. we do not take this endowment for granted.”

Finally, it’s time to put divided those ‘Poor Leo’ memes; time to retire those addictive peep games. In some ways, it’s a finish of an era; a detriment of one of a Academy Awards’ biggest punchlines.

In other ways, it’s a emergence of an epoch anew: a Age of Leo.

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