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June 17, 2017 - Finding Carter

Editor’s Note: The Standard-Times reached out to SouthCoast experts in law, mental health and a First Amendment for their perspectives on a guilty outcome in a Michelle Carter case. 


“I’m astounded during what (Judge Lawrence Moniz) did. we suspicion he would find her not guilty,” said Kenneth Sullivan, a former Fall River invulnerability attorney, now vital in Mattapoisett, adding he does trust Michelle Carter is “morally guilty.” 

“I don’t consider it was over a reasonable doubt. Obviously, he found it differently. we have to crawl to him,” Sullivan said.

He feels invulnerability profession Joseph P. Cataldo used good visualisation during a trial, and even after a guilty verdict, Sullivan pronounced it was a good preference to find a dais hearing instead of a jury trial. 


“Judge Moniz is one of a of a hardest operative judges we know. He even does his possess research,” pronounced late Juvenile Court Judge Bettina Borders, who done a strange anticipating of illusive means opposite Carter in Sep 2015 in New Bedford Juvenile Court. “It was a plain decision. His preference was thorough, obvious and strike a right points.”


Matthew Segal, legal executive during ACLU of Massachusetts, expelled a following statement:

“Mr. Roy’s genocide is a terrible tragedy, though it is not a reason to widen a bounds of a rapist laws or desert a protections of a constitution.

“There is no law in Massachusetts creation it a crime to inspire someone, or even to convince someone, to dedicate suicide. Yet Ms. Carter has now been convicted of manslaughter, formed on a prosecution’s speculation that, as a 17-year-old girl, she literally killed Mr. Roy with her words. This self-assurance exceeds a boundary of a rapist laws and violates giveaway debate protections guaranteed by a Massachusetts and U.S. Constitutions.

“The implications of this self-assurance go distant over a comfortless resources of Mr. Roy’s death. If authorised to stand, Ms. Carter’s self-assurance could chill critical and inestimable end-of-life discussions between desired (ones) opposite a Commonwealth.”


“I can’t contend I’m surprised,” a Rev. David Lima, executive apportion of a Inter-Church Council of Greater New Bedford and an disciple for self-murder prevention.

“This is a comfortless story on both sides. You have dual families who will be stranded in a time plug for a prolonged time,” he said. “If one call had been done to police, we could have saved a life.

“(Carter) should have told someone during his propagandize or told a member of her family or his family,” he said. “Make a call, save a life.”


Former Bristol County DA Paul F. Walsh Jr. said there was good reason to find Carter guilty and there was also good reason to find her not guilty. He also pronounced Carter was “a cause” of Roy’s death, though there is a doubt about possibly she was “the cause.”

“Morally, many people would contend she was a cause. Legally was she a cause? That’s where it gets tough,” Walsh said. “This is tough decision. She did something, though was she a authorised means of this?”

Walsh pronounced Moniz is “solid, well-grounded” and was ideal to regulate during this trial.

There was no probability of anticipating Carter guilty of a lesser-included offense in a hearing — it was possibly guilty of contingent killing or not guilty — and that done it a formidable for Moniz, he said.

He pronounced some form of bonds is fitting in this box since a life was lost. It does not have to be in a jail judgment and it can be a joining to a state hospital.

“I wish it’s not a jail sentence. we don’t enviousness Larry Moniz,” he said.


“(Judge Moniz) was there. He listened a evidence. He dynamic a Commonwealth had valid the box over a reasonable doubt,” pronounced late Superior Court Judge John M. Xifaras. “It’s a tragedy on everyone’s part.” 

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