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April 8, 2016 - Finding Carter

Students during Westview Middle School got a firsthand demeanour during what colleges design from incoming beginner during a College Day eventuality hold Apr 5.

Principal Amanda Johnson pronounced she accepted how daunting college admissions can seem to students. She pronounced she was a initial college connoisseur in her family, and was unknown with a college credentials and focus process. Her idea was for College Day to yield relatives and students a collection and resources required to make a routine as well-spoken as possible.

“Whether you’ve attended college or not a college routine is unequivocally involved and complicated,” Johnson said. “It’s altered over a march of a final several decades.”

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Christine Bolanos

The eventuality sensitive attendees of 5 reasons college matters, a purpose of a rough SAT (PSAT) standardised test, college admissions trends, how to emanate a College Board comment and how to appreciate PSAT scores.

“If a ultimate finish idea is to get your child to college, what we need to be articulate about right now is how to get them there,” she said.

If a tyro realizes their youth year of high propagandize that they should have taken certain classes to boost their odds of being certified to college, Johnson pronounced it is too late.

Pflugerville center schoolers get started on college prep photo

Christine Bolanos

She and Rebecca Embry, Connally’s 10th-grade partner principal, pronounced colleges wish students to take severe courses that improved ready them for a final of aloft education. College admissions counselors typically cite high Cs and Bs in modernized high propagandize courses than an A in unchanging courses.

School staff pronounced Connally’s favorite colleges, or those with a top series of Connally alumni, are Texas State University, Texas AM University, University of Texas during Austin, University of Texas San Antonio and University of North Texas. They endorsed students and relatives revisit, a giveaway and extensive website that guides families step by step in scheming for, anticipating and enrolling in college.

They also suggested students emanate an comment during to get personalized feedback on their opening on a SAT. Practicing for a exam as good as regulating college formulation and career scrutiny resources are also essential.

Johnson pronounced a biggest factors college admissions counselors cruise in revelation a tyro are grades in college prep courses, strength of curriculum, acknowledgment exam scores and grades in all courses.

Embry pronounced if a tyro takes Algebra we in center propagandize it serves as a clever indicator that particular will be successful in college.

Seventh-grader Braylon Sugg pronounced he wants to pursue a business grade during Ohio State.

“I wish to go to college and we wish to know what it takes to be there,” he said. “The (college) credits are unequivocally critical too so we wish to learn some-more about credits.”

Braylon’s mother, Mary Sugg, pronounced she understands a need for students to ready early for college.

“He’s my initial and usually child, so we know what it took for me to go by college many, many years ago,” she said. “I wish to make certain he has all of a opportunities.”

Eighth-grader Sabrina Milan schooled severe herself some-more is critical to colleges. “I devise to do something in a medical field,” Milan said.

Sabrina’s mother, Mary Ann Cervantez, pronounced a eventuality helped with reckoning out what modernized courses Milan should take in high school.

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