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November 16, 2014 - Finding Carter

What’s some-more embarrassing, your basketball team losing by 53 points or your ball group carrying a actor leave $4 million-plus on a list not to stay in your city?

Either choice is about as tough to swallow as a week-old “soft” pretzel. But those outcomes — a 76ers123-70 loss to a Dallas Mavericks on Thursday, followed by A.J. Burnett signing with a Pittsburgh Pirates for $8.5 million, days after refusing a $12.75 million choice to stay with a Phillies — should not have astounded anyone. 

In a box of Burnett, he did Philadelphia a preference by foregoing his 2014 choice and returning to Pittsburgh, where he found a late-career rebound in 2012 and ’13. Originally he did not intend to play in 2014, though when a Phillies motionless they competence need one some-more arguable starter to strut their window-closing try during a playoff, they waved an offer ($16 million, and a ’14 option) at Burnett that was too good for him to refuse.

Nothing went to devise this season, for Burnett or a Phillies. Burnett hoped to representation for a contending team, though a Phillies were anything though that, of course. Battling a hernia damage all season, Burnett led a majors in waste (18), nonetheless he got sad run support (3.21 runs per game, fifth-worst among a 88 subordinate pitchers in MLB).

He would be wasting what’s left of his career in a rebuilding conditions in Philadelphia, and that $12.75 million can go toward Cuban free-agent outfielder Yasmani Tomas. He might be from a comrade nation, though he  was discerning to collect adult a ways of a entrepreneur one (his cost tab is around a $100 million mark).

So we go from Phillies and capitalism to a Machiavellian ways of 76ers ubiquitous manager Sam Hinkie. Less than a month into a season, a Sixers have turn a inhabitant fun with their “Together We Tank” program.

Anyone angry about a team’s on-court opening has missed a bigger picture. To steal from Lady Gaga, these stinky Sixers were innate this way. Hinkie is convinced, with copiousness of ancestral evidence, that a usually approach to build a durability dynasty is to acquire as many lottery picks as possible.

With a blessing of a team’s hedge-fund ownership, Hinkie has exceeded artistic drop and now tiptoes the line of parody. That was not a deputy NBA group that mislaid by 53 to the Mavericks; that was a Washington Generals. If vast Mavs owners Mark Cuban had attempted a Globetrotters’ aged water-bucket trick, it would not have been out of place.

And will a ends clear a means if a players have mentally checked out by a time Hinkie decides a time for tanking is over? Witness this twitter from Bob Cooney (@BobCooney76), a 76ers’ kick author for a Philadelphia Daily News, during a disturbance in Dallas: 

“MCW didn’t get behind on D. Brown yelled during him to get behind afterwards went to speak to him during stoppage. MCW seemed to indicate to scoreboard”

MCW would be Michael Carter-Williams, a team’s indicate ensure and initial building section toward a rival future. Brown would be Brett Brown, a 76ers manager who literally kicked divided a possibility during a team’s initial win when he warranted an involuntary technical for kicking a basketball during a timeout late in Friday’s 88-87 detriment to a Houston Rockets.

If MCW is removing petulant and Brown can’t hoop a disappointment — even momentarily — has Hinkie left too distant in certifying a team’s suckitude? 

Philadelphia fans are prepared for a finish register makeover by a Phillies. They generally have supposed Hinkie’s vision; now they consternation if a tellurian fee on a players and staff ever entered a Sixers’ equation.

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