Pistons offense hits slit in win over Bucks

February 28, 2016 - Finding Carter

Detroit Pistons' Reggie Jackson, left, drives pastDetroit Pistons' Reggie Jackson, right, drives pastDetroit Pistons' Reggie Bullock, left, fouls MilwaukeeMilwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo, left, defendsMilwaukee Bucks' Michael Carter-Williams (5) cannotMilwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo dribbles theMilwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo gets a breakawayMilwaukee Bucks' Greg Monroe, right, shoots as theMilwaukee Bucks' Jabari Parker, right, looks to pass

Milwaukee — The Pistons played near-perfect descent basketball for 24 mins on Saturday night.

Andre Drummond dominated a paint, and teammates gathering into a line before kicking a round out to a 3-point line to open shooters.

The Pistons built on a clever start from a fringe in a initial half opposite a Milwaukee Bucks, and Drummond posted his NBA-leading 50th double-double with 15 points and 17 rebounds in a 102-91 victory.

Detroit manager Stan Van Gundy chalked adult a strong play to crisp, purify round movement. The Pistons had only one turnover in a initial half and pounced on Milwaukee mistakes all night long.

BOX SCORE: Pistons 102, Bucks 91

Detroit non-stop 6 of 7 from behind a arc in a initial entertain and 11 of 19 in a half, and outscored a Bucks 23-6 in points off turnovers for a night.

“But early on, we suspicion a guys did a really good pursuit of saying open men, anticipating open group and removing a round to them,” Van Gundy said. “Those 3s were fundamentally wide-open, stroke 3s and those are good.”

Point ensure Reggie Jackson set a tinge with 22 points and 8 assists for Detroit, that won a third true diversion and had all 5 starters measure in double figures.

“They’ve played most some-more unselfishly and we consider Reggie has gotten it started by being a most some-more peaceful passer, quite early in games,” Van Gundy said.

Khris Middleton led a Bucks with 26 points. Defensively, Milwaukee gave outward shooters reduction room in a second half.

But a Bucks could never get closer than 5 after spotting a Pistons a 16-point lead in a second quarter.

“Our appetite and bid in that initial half wasn’t adult to par,” Milwaukee manager Jason Kidd said. “They had a lot of warmup 3s and they done them.”

Miscues kept spiteful a Bucks, who committed 21 turnovers a diversion after aggregation 15 opposite Boston. That wasn’t a approach Kidd wanted his group to start a widen of 5 true home games.

From a arc

The 11 3-pointers in a initial half matched a series of 3-pointers Detroit strike in a prior game, a win Wednesday opposite Philadelphia. Tobias Harris and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope any done dual in a initial quarter.

Bucks defenders mostly got tangled adult on Detroit drives into a lane, withdrawal shooters with long, purify looks in a corners. Other times, shooters were left far-reaching open on a wing with defenders delayed to rotate.

“They were only violation down a defense, and a descent rebounds — that was a categorical thing,” Middleton said.

On boards

The Bucks were personification good offensively, too, in a initial half, conflict 54 percent from a field. But they couldn’t keep adult with Detroit from behind a arc or on a descent glass, where a Pistons had a 17-12 corner for a game. Drummond finished with 10 descent boards.

Dishing it

Detroit had 11 assists on 14 baskets in a initial quarter, when Jackson had 5 assists. The Pistons have softened given trade for Harris from Orlando 5 games ago.

“Guys are removing some-more gentle with their roles. We’ve been perplexing to conflict downhill and only take what a invulnerability gives us,” Jackson said.

Slam dunks

Detroit started a widen with 7 of 9 games on a road.

… Drummond scarcely had a double-double in a initial entertain with 10 points and 9 boards.

… Detroit finished 12 of 30 from 3-point territory.

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