Playoff watch — what a burble teams need to do

February 17, 2015 - Finding Carter

Using Sports Club Stats, here are a annals any burble group needs down a widen to acquire a better-than-50-percent shot of creation a playoffs…

Eastern Conference (five burble teams, dual spots available)

Washington Capitals — 9-14-2 (51.5%)
Boston Bruins — 12-11-4 (57.3%)
Florida Panthers — 15-8-4 (54.3%)
Philadelphia Flyers — 17-7-2 (53.5%)
Ottawa Senators — 19-7-2 (54.6%)

So, for now, a final playoff mark still looks expected to go to Boston. That said, a Bruins are mired in a three-game losing streak, with 4 games remaining on their highway outing (tonight in Calgary, with games in Edmonton, St. Louis and Chicago to follow). If they’re not feeling a pressure, they should be.

Western Conference (eight burble teams, 4 spots available)

Vancouver Canucks — 12-12-3 (55.8%)
Calgary Flames — 12-11-3 (55.1%)
Winnipeg Jets — 11-10-3 (54.4%)
San Jose Sharks — 13-10-1 (58.2%)
Los Angeles Kings — 14-10-3 (56.8%)
Minnesota Wild — 13-10-4 (57.7%)
Dallas Stars — 16-8-2 (61.0%)
Colorado Avalanche — 17-6-3 (54.8%)

Fascinating competition here. The initial 4 teams are now in a playoff spot, though it’s a dual chasing those four, a Kings and Wild, that are a) personification improved hockey newly and b) arguably a improved teams anyway. Regardless, all 6 teams are wholly able of achieving those records. For a dual that finish adult descending short, it’s going to hurt. As for a long-shot Stars and Avalanche, with Mar 2 looming, these subsequent dual weeks will be generally key.

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