Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Know ‘Finding Carter’?

September 25, 2015 - Finding Carter

Attention, “Finding Carter” superfans: How good do YOU know a strike MTV show?

With a assistance of Zac Pullam (aka a all-knowing Grant), we’re about to find out: The actor recently strolled by a MTV show’s set and gave an verbal ask on all things “FC” to any of his co-stars. We’re certain you’d know some many all of a answers, though a immature thespians didn’t transport utterly so well.

“What did Carter’s grandparents call Carter and Taylor when they were little?” Zac asks in a shave below.

“Twins,” deadpans Ben Winchell, aka a man behind Carter’s recently unearthed brother.

For her part, Vanessa Morgan (Bird) offers a likewise stupid guess: “Monkeys.”

Fortunately, Carter herself (Kathryn Prescott) comes to a rescue with a scold answer (and no, we’re not telling!).

The subsequent question: “Where does Carter initial see Crash?”

“A pile-up site,” answers Mason Dye (Damon), who you might remember from “Teen Wolf.” Anyone else consider this organisation has a destiny in standup comedy?

But a cocktail ask turns truly waggish when things get musical. After Zac asks what swat strain Carter and Gabe sang in part one, Vanessa busts out a slammin’ rhyme. “All we sucka MCs, ain’t got nothin’ on me,” she raps in spit-fire fashion. Note to Iggy and Nicki: You’ve got critical competition.

That’s not all: Zac afterwards asks his co-stars who sings a show’s thesis song. Alex Saxon (aka dreamboat Max) gets it right — only before Mr. Pullam hurdles his co-stars to indeed sing it. He has dual takers: Ben and Anna Jacoby-Heron (Taylor). Our verdict? Anna gets an A+ for effort; Ben’s flattering most prepared for “American Idol.” Sing it, brother!

Watch a shave subsequent to see all a on-set “Finding Carter” shenanigans, afterwards conduct to a comments and tell us how many questions you got right. Then be certain to locate “FC” when it earnings on Tuesday, Oct 6 during 10/9c!

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