Promoting Your Sync Placement: How To Make The Most Of Your 30 Seconds Of Fame

March 11, 2017 - Finding Carter


Guest Post by Aron Wright 

Finding out that your strain will be featured on a TV uncover can feel like a outrageous career breakthrough. It’s a vital opportunity; one we need to devise for. “Every singular week we see artists blank out on this possibility to bond with new fans,” says TuneFind’s Amanda Byers.“Those intensity fans aren’t going to come behind later.”

There are elementary things we can do to maximize your placement’s impact on your career, and easy ways to get your strain and information out to intensity fans.


Get your strain online (and in online stores)

 This sounds like a no-brainer, though many songs breeze adult on a show–and nowhere else. Setting adult chain can take time and need some diligence. To make certain you’re not shortchanging yourself by signing a agreement that doesn’t offer your best interests on a edition side, it’s best to start early. “I’ve waited until a final notation before, and it cost me thousands of dollars,” records singer-songwriter Aron Wright, whose strain has seemed on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Empire, and The Vampire Diaries.

“A digital/indie distributor is ideal so we can sell your lane opposite mixed platforms, though even Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or your possess website is improved than nothing,” agrees Byers. “Engage your new fans, make certain they know who we are. Get them to follow we on amicable media or get their email addresses. Get them to listen to your other songs. It all helps build your audience.”


Get your strain on Shazam

(1)It creates business clarity to get your strain in online stores or on streaming platforms. But don’t forget Shazam, that is how many viewers will brand your lane as they watch.

“Shazam isn’t perfect–it can’t brand good if a shave is too brief or if there’s dialog or credentials sound –but it’s an critical channel for discovery,” Byers says.


Promote your chain on amicable media

Post about it. Tweet about it. Instagram it. Tag your friends. Ask friends and fans to share a news explicitly. Thank a Music Supervisor (using their Twitter handle) for a chain when we post there, and be certain to investigate and use a scold uncover hashtags.

You competence also wish to cruise shopping ads, though be vital here. You can privately aim a show’s fans. Social media ads let we privately aim fans of a show, certain geographies, and assembly demographics that compare your standard fan base.. Think delicately about how to cut and bones your intensity fans, and aim who you’re many expected to seductiveness to with that track.

Says Wright, “Do A/B contrast with mixed ads and lane conversions so we know what’s effective. You don’t wish to spend $2 to make $.99. Think about where your ads are directing people who click, formed on your goals.” Wright recommends graduation sell like t-shirts, not usually mp3 downloads, to get some-more crash for your ad buck.


Look for and strech out to uncover fans

“You mostly don’t know accurately how a strain will be used until a uncover airs. If we know it’s going to be during an critical moment, get on Twitter,” Byers suggests. “Some shows also have fansites, forums, and summary boards, too. These can be another venue to lift awareness.”

However, artists need to step easily with uncover fans: “If it’s usually a few seconds in a credentials of a transitory stage and you’re creation a large understanding about it, you’ll get flamed,” warns Byers. “If your strain is partial of a vital scene, or associated to a specific character, you’ve got a good possibility to seductiveness a lot some-more fans.”


Interact with users on TuneFind

2Going to places where people privately demeanour for a strain they hear on shade will assistance your efforts to bond with new fans. Make certain to contention your sync chain on TuneFind, and check out fan activity on a site after a part airs. “TuneFind has seen lots of indie artists with sync placements come to a site and find ardent listeners who are vehement about their music,” Byers says. “The back-and-forth between musicians and new fans is unequivocally great.”

“I’ve had so many people find me and my strain around TuneFind over a years,” adds Wright. “Thousands of people competence be looking for your strain after a placement. TuneFind customarily pops adult initial on a Google hunt since it’s a best orderly website for TV and film placements.”


Put together a verse (or other really simple) video and post it

Another height viewers are expected to search: YouTube. Posting a well-annotated and tagged video there will assistance them find you.

“A verse video is a great, elementary approach to get your lane up,” Byers suggests. “It’s improved to have something candid adult there – that references your chain – than zero during all.”

Wright agrees. For one of his initial placements on Grey’s Anatomy, he spent several thousand dollars on a constructed video, usually to find that a distant easier video–a still print with a strain title, uncover name, season, and part numbers–got distant some-more views. “You wish to put adult a couple burble or other approach to squeeze courtesy in a video, that sends people to iTunes. Put in as many applicable tags as possible, and give it a same pretension as a content we use in a video itself. That creates it rarely searchable for people who know a episode, though not who we are.”


Talk to a strain supervisor

When you’re entrance adult with your sync graduation plan, don’t forget a people who got we a chain in a initial place: a strain administrator who chose your track.

Many strain supervisors strech out to supporters and uncover fans directly around amicable media. You can inspire them to speak about your lane when they do. “You can ping a supe – politely! – and ask if they are going to discuss your lane and your Twitter handle,” Byers recommends. “If a supe tweets songs during a broadcast, make certain you’re enclosed there.”


Make certain your group is creation some noise

And don’t forget a sync representative who got we a placement. They competence be happy to scream out a success, too. “We’ll infrequently see sync agencies or government posting about a placement,” Byers remarks. “If you’ve used an representative or have a team, make certain they are creation noise, too.”


Reach out to a media

Sometimes we can get a small some-more press adore interjection to a sync. It never hurts to strech out to reporters we admire and who cover your genre or stage and let them know. You competence hear zero back, though your sync competence be usually a poke they need to cover your music.

“I got a strain reviewed in USA Today, alongside Kelly Clarkson, by essay a publisher and observant a strain was going to be on Grey’s Anatomy,” Wright recounts. He also advises calm and persistence, sound recommendation for any promotional or selling effort. “Keep asking. You competence usually get one good thing out of a hundred, though that one good thing or tie with a chairman competence be what changes all for you. That’s how it was for me.”


About TuneFind

The heading site to find strain that’s been featured in TV shows and movies, TuneFind has strain listings for over 780 TV shows and another 780+ movies. Working directly with a Music Supervisors who name a music, composers, and a village of over 2 million super-fans any month, TuneFind compiles all a songs featured, including unreleased tracks, strange score, and other hard-to-identify music. With over 10 years in a business, TuneFind is a tip end for fans, strain licensors, artists, and labels meddlesome in sync and soundtracks.


About Aron Wright:

Nashville-based artist Aron Wright spends his days in a 100 year-old church-turned recording studio that is on a same travel as his home. Rarely behaving live these days, Aron’s concentration has incited to what he is many ardent about: crafting songs and recording them. Aron has had success in a TV/Film universe with placements on shows such as Finding Carter, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, and Pretty Little Liars. Aron co-wrote a strain “Hallelujah” by Panic during a Disco, featured on their manuscript Death of A Bachelor, that debuted during series 1 on a Billboard 200. A strain that he wrote with Sean Van Vleet (lead sing of a band, Empire) entitled, “Walk Out On Me” was featured on a FOX radio uncover Empire, achieved by stone legend/actor Courtney Love. “Walk Out On Me” was also featured on a show’s soundtrack that was a Billboard #1 album.

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