Purple Heart, troops commendations found in Texas rabble bin

November 28, 2016 - Finding Carter

  • A Purple Heart commendation, identical to a one picture, was found in a Dumpster in Midland, Texas. An Army maestro is now perplexing to lane down a World War II maestro whose name, Jim C. Hall, is on a medal. Click by to see where many of a medals are made. Photo: HANDOUT, STR / THE WASHINGTON POST



Secretary of State John Kerry is pronounced to have tossed out his troops commendations in criticism of a Vietnam War. Sometimes, veterans dispose of a medals for their possess reasons.

But, a Purple Heart and other commendations awarded to a World War II maestro have shown adult in a Dumpster in Midland, Texas.

Now, a hunt is on to find a male named Jim C. Carter or his family.

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Army maestro Gary Kennedy got a call about troops commendations found in a rabble bin recently and motionless to take on a charge of looking into who they belonged to.

“You know this is only disgusting,” Kennedy told newswest9 in Midland. “Somebody worked tough for this.”

Soldiers are awarded a Purple Heart when they are harmed in combat.

The commendations were found in a pocket-sized box. 

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Kennedy guesses that Carter, whose name is printed on a medals, went true into fight in Germany during World War II, before removing injured.

Kennedy has reached out to several organizations and families to see if Carter or his family can be found and, possibly, to find out how a commendations finished adult in a trash.

“We wish to be means to give it behind to a family so they can have it and still delight these stories that grandfather or good grandfather whoever it might be,” Kennedy told a station.

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