Ratings: Did ‘Finding Carter’ deteriorate 2 reason onto summer audience?

April 4, 2015 - Finding Carter

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Finding Carter -There is such a thing famous as a sophomore unemployment in television, and mostly this is blown adult to new levels when we try to pierce your uncover to a opposite time of year. With all of this, it was easy to go into a second-season premiere of “Finding Carter” being a small bit endangered as to what a numbers were going to be. This is a heavily-serialized show, and one with theme matter that is not always a easiest to digest.

Luckily, MTV and a array have a reason to grin this week. The numbers for a crazy premiere (read a examination here) are in, and for a many partial they are impressive. The uncover tied a deteriorate 1 culmination rating in a 18-49 demo (0.5), and softened in sum viewers adult to roughly 1.1 million. Maybe not watchful a full year for a second deteriorate indeed helped a show? It’s possible, as a miss of foe might have also. There is not most else on Tuesday night that appeals to a identical demographic.

We’re not going to sweeten anything here: The network unequivocally indispensable this. The ratings for a initial partial of a year for MTV have not been great, with “Eye Candy” branch out to be a large beating commercially, and with “Teen Wolf” not entrance behind until a summer. “Awkward” is entering a final season, and we are still watchful for a lapse date here. This uncover should keep a scripted line-up for a network plain for now, and we wish that it convinces a network to take some some-more confidant programming chances. “Finding Carter” is proof that there is an ardour out there for some-more than only what we would design from normal teenage programming.

We will have some some-more “Finding Carter” dip soon, though for now head over here to examination a preview for subsequent week’s episode.

Also, sign adult to get some serve TV scoop on all we cover around a CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: MTV.)

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