Reconsidering Expectations for Vince Carter with a Memphis Grizzlies

January 5, 2015 - Finding Carter

Vince Carter is underwhelming as a fringe shooter off a dais in his initial deteriorate with a Memphis Grizzlies. Even after jolt off early-season discomfort, he’s been unproductive.

The 6’6″, 220-pound tiny brazen averages usually 6.5 points in 17.2 mins per diversion while sharpened 34.6 percent from a margin and 30.3 percent from prolonged range, a lowest shave given his rookie year.

Carter’s holding a larger share of his shots from over a arc, 8.1 per 36 mins and 55.6 percent of his attempts—1.3 and 9.9 percent more, respectively. Such a complicated concentration on a 3 competence outcome from a Grizzlies’ smaller array of outward shooters compared with those in Dallas.

My preseason expectations projected that a 37-year-old would be nearby his 2013-14 form when he scored 11.9 per diversion on 40.7 percent from a margin and 39.4 percent from three-point range.

The 17-year maestro should have been a hint block off a bat as a perimeter-shooting sixth man.

But he hasn’t strung together a prolonged run of successful outward shooting, and, as his shot draft shows, he’s generally subpar over 15 feet, where he takes some-more than 70 percent of his attempts. shot chart


Comfortable, nonetheless ineffective

Carter had medicine in May to mislay bone spurs in his right ankle and was singular in a preseason while recovering. That competence explain his severe start, though he informed The Commercial Appeal’s Ronald Tillery (subscription required) in early Dec that he felt healthy.

Tillery quoted Mike Conley as watching Carter sharpened comfortably, saying, “He’s got his legs underneath him. With his injury, it’s taken a while for him to get his legs underneath him and now he’s knocking down shots and feeling comfortable.”

But that comfort hasn’t kept him sharpened effectively. After creation 13 of 26 in three-point land from Dec. 12 to 17, Carter is 5-of-29 in a past 7 games.

He’s mostly holding catch-and-shoot threes, and a cadence doesn’t seem solid.

As Carter told Tillery in a aforementioned article, he’s not peaceful to change mechanics during a deteriorate to get it right.

It’s one thing when a shots are usually off. It’s another thing when they go in and out. It’s like ‘Are we serious?’ You’re right there. we usually continue with a same approach. we hang with my routine. It wasn’t behind to a lab and let’s tweak something. we wanted to continue sharpened meaningful it was going to spin around.

The Memphis Flyer’s Kevin Lipe faulted Carter for carrying bad shot preference via a season.

Eventually, a 37.6 percent career three-point shooter will regression to a mean. Indeed, he shot 33 percent from downtown in his initial 21 games final year before joining on 41.5 percent a rest of a season.

A clever second half could see him strike nearby 40 percent from prolonged range.

This season, Carter competence simply need some-more time anticipating his cadence while personification in a most slower complement than a Mavericks‘ high-tempo offense he navigated for dual years. 

While he’s watchful for his shots to fall, Carter should say his new run as a passer. From Dec. 21 to Jan. 2, he mostly looked to pass, averaging 2.6 assists per game. On Dec. 17, he set adult Courtney Lee for a 3 to put a Grizzlies forward of a San Antonio Spurs late in a second overtime.


Lowering a bar for scoring

Before a season, it was tough to see anyone other than Carter lead Memphis’ dais players in scoring. The Grizzlies’ dual heading scorers from final season, James Johnson and Mike Miller, sealed elsewhere. 

The stream expel of pot weren’t famous for present offense. Beno Udrih typically didn’t measure most when personification off a bench. Tayshaun Prince was unfailing for a some-more removed purpose after experiencing a misfortune year of his career.

Because of how a Grizzlies’ dais players responded to Carter’s early struggles, a change of points has changed. Udrih is a second unit’s glue, averaging 7.5 per game. Prince is utilizing a 3 some-more than his initial year-and-a-half in Memphis while induction 7.1 per game.

Currently, Carter’s a No. 3 dais scorer, an peculiar place for someone who dumped 20 per diversion in 10 true seasons. If he catches glow in a second half, he’ll be Memphis’ heading dais scorer. 

However, he could still finish averaging singular digits for a initial time ever. With a change of haven shooters between Udrih, Carter, Prince and Jon Leuer, a maestro competence not take over mostly enough.



Typically, Carter could be approaching to give bid defensively, though he’s entirely integrated into a assertive Grizzlies attack. He’s permitting 105 points per 100 possessions.

While he was never famous to force many turnovers, Carter’s grabbing 1.6 steals per 36 mins and has a 2.4 percent steals rate. 

Lipe remarked via Twitter about how Carter is assisting a Grizzlies’ second-unit defense.

Carter not usually shows larger appetite than Miller did on that finish though has larger discipline.


Statistics are stream by Jan. 4 games. Unless differently noted, modernized metrics come from

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