Remembering a Holden 22 cave disaster

March 12, 2017 - Finding Carter

HOLDEN, W.Va. — Mar 8 noted 57 years given a glow claimed 18 lives in a Holden 22 Mine Disaster.

The mine, that was operated by Island Creek Coal Company, still produces spark today; however, a village whose people worked and upheld a mine, is now mislaid to time and redevelopment.

Blustering cold and a thick covering sleet reportedly characterized a morning of Mar 8, 1960 when 20 miners started a morning change during Holden 22.

Around 8:30 a.m, communication with a group was reportedly mislaid after a line-up tumble causes a spark join glow that would widespread via a mine.

The 20 miners were reportedly stable from a glow a line-up fall.

On a surface, a cold temperatures and sleet hampered rescue efforts.

While around a dozen glow hoses were used to siphon H2O in to a cave to extinguish a fire, a lines would shortly solidify in a cold temperatures on a surface.

Rescue teams were eventually means to start acid for a men.

The 20 group were reportedly trapped in a same area.

In an try to find a approach out, dual of a men, Kyle Blair and Willis Carter reportedly volunteered to try a slight opening.

Blair and Carter would reportedly yield around a mile by parsimonious openings and over stone falls before anticipating a subterraneous bottom of operations.

Blair and Carter would be eventually be found to be a usually survivors of a disaster.

The remaining 18 group were reportedly overcome by CO monoxide gas a brief time after Blair and Carter set off to find safety.

It would take 9 some-more days for rescue parties to find a bodies of a miners who remained underground.

The disaster left 72 children fatherless.

The names of a 18 mislaid that day:

Charles Adams, 46, wife, 7 children

Frank Ardis, 63, wife, 4 children

Ernest Bevins, 35, wife, 7 children

Okey Bryant, 49, widower, 5 children

James Carter, 30, wife, 6 children (brother of Willis Carter)

Josh Chafin, Jr. 37, wife, 4 children

Roy Lee Dempsey, 52, 9 children

William Donaldson, 53, wife, 1 child

Garfield Hensley, 43, wife, 5 children

Berti Horvath, 32, wife, 4 children

Flint Lock Jarrells, 39, mother 6 children

Albert Marcum, Jr., 34, wife. 5 children

Melvin Newsome, 46, wife, 1 child

Isom Ooten, 43, wife, 6 children

James V. Lundell, 26, wife, 2 children

Orville Sargent, 32, wife, 1 child

Clyde White, 39, wife, 3 children

Louis Workman, 32, wife, 1 child

Last year, a Holden 22 Miners Memorial Fund was means to make a relic to a 18 depressed miners along 22 Mine Road nearby a West Virginia National Guard’s Logan—Mingo Readiness Center.

The commemorative stands as a sign a group mislaid in a disaster are, “Gone though not forgotten.”

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Kendra Mahon contributed to this article.

By Owen Wells

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Owen Wells is a contributor for Civitas Media. He can be reached during 304-752-6950 or by email during [email protected]

Owen Wells is a contributor for Civitas Media. He can be reached during 304-752-6950 or by email during [email protected]

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