Reusing a Past: Green Living Market springs adult in Ridgeway

April 22, 2017 - Finding Carter

RIDGEWAY– Kerri Carter, eventuality organizer of a biannual Green Living Market, pronounced approximately 3,000 people have set feet in a meadow on Wind Dancer Lane so distant this weekend. 

The fourth uncover of a kind, a open atmosphere marketplace hosts 50 vendors with a operation of items. From antique dowry chests dating behind to a spin of a century to blacksmithing objects fake before one’s eyes, consumers have a accumulation of things to select from.

“We’ve got a lot of locals and internal businesses here today,” Carter pronounced on Friday, adding that many have roots in Virginia and North Carolina. “There are antiques, selected items, restyled, repurposed and upcycled furniture, handmade blankets, baby clothes, jewelry.”

Having a small something for everyone, Carter felt that’s because folks kept entrance back.

“It’s awesome,” Carter said. “You can find things here that we can’t find anywhere else. Antique things, opposite things.”

Carla Puccio, owners of Uptown Collection, ran a counter that hold a same pretension as her Martinsville store.

Her third time during a Green Living Market, Puccio knew usually what to move to pull people to her tent.

“Because this is a selected show, we brought some selected things, some domestic things,” Puccio said. “I like to contend I’ve got a small bit of all for everybody.”

With apparatus labelled competitively, Puccio pronounced she sole her pieces during “getting-an-apartment-ready prices.”

Victoria Foster of Pandora’s Box and Victor Kaczor of Kaczor’s Antiques manned a counter together. While Kaczor specialized in furniture, Foster sole exuberant pieces of dress jewelry, selected and antique purses and selected hats.

While Foster humorously summed adult her counter as “anything we consider we don’t wish or don’t need,” she pronounced she entirely enjoyed environment adult emporium during a open atmosphere market.

“You accommodate so many people and you’re out here in a outdoor sleet or shine,” Foster said.

A gourmet all her life, Foster enjoyed flitting on her finds to others who also fell in adore with a items.

“I’ve always found it fascinating, aged things, a story behind them,” Foster said.


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Chris and Laura Hausler stopped during a Green Living Market on their approach adult a East Coast from Florida.

Amie Knowles

Another vendor, owners of The Sow’s Ear Forge, also had a affinity for history, that helped him get into his career as a blacksmith.

Wanting to turn a chronological interpreter, Jon Butler schooled about a Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program during a University of Virginia, that pairs means master artists with means apprentices for one-on-one training opportunities.

Ever a crafter, Butler jumped on a opportunity.

Not usually did he find a adore for a art, though he also found a singular purpose for a skill.

“Think about it. You’re stressed out, maybe a small angry. It’s a good highlight reliever,” Butler pronounced as he beaten divided during an on-site anvil.

Showcasing an array of cooking triangles, doorway knockers, bottle openers, pot unresolved racks and walking sticks with singular handles, Butler said, “I like to make good things.”

Frank Lawson has also been a tinkerer for many of his life.

With a knack for creation aged things new again, a gears in Lawson’s mind started branch when he got a good understanding on a vast saw blade.

While many people competence suppose what all they could cut with a prosaic round intent with firm outdoor teeth, Lawson suspicion of what he could make directly out of a saw itself.

He asked a gifted crony to paint a tip of a blade and gave him full power on a style, usually revelation a crony that he dictated to make a square into a table. The crony came adult with an perplexing nation stage that went invariably around a blade, profitable clever courtesy to safeguard each caf� would have an honest design in front of them.

“Anywhere we are during a table, you’re not looking during it upside-down,” Lawson said.

Once he perceived a embellished piece, Lawson got to work on a rest of a table. He combined a bottom out of car wheels and expel iron braces and put links around a blade’s pointy edges.

Lawson also done unresolved lights out of plantation apparatus pieces and benches out of bed frames.

Treasures abounded during a Green Living Market, a few of that will shortly make their approach down a easterly coast.

Laura Hausler and Chris Hausler of Florida usually so happened to be pushing by a area when they saw signs for a Green Living Market.

“We found some things to adorn a house,” Chris said.

Laura enjoyed walking around a stop on their no-destination trip.

“It’s nice,” Laura pronounced about a market. “I found a decanter.”

Wendy Sheppard also found an object she couldn’t live without, a windup bedside alarm clock.

“I’ve always wanted one,” Sheppard pronounced of her 5 dollar purchase.

The shopper also snagged a embellished owl entryway unresolved and a present for another individual.

Finding treasures via a field, shoppers and vendors comparison are now looking brazen to a tumble market, that is scheduled for October. An accurate date has not been set as of yet. The marketplace is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. currently during 840 Wind Dancer Lane. 

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