Riders club Tabbies 37-20 for 1st win of a season

July 10, 2017 - Finding Carter

After dual weeks of entrance so tighten to feat they could ambience it, a Riders have their initial win of a season.

Kevin Glenn rushed for dual touchdowns for a initial time given 2004 and threw for 380 yards and another dual majors in a Roughriders 37-20 over a Hamilton Tigercats.

“We got some good guys adult front and a good small behind subsequent to me in a behind field. When we put that together with a male like me with these honeyed feet currently that’s what happens, we can run a round flattering well,” he joked after a game.

But all teasing aside it was a clever opening by a descent line in both safeguarding Glenn and removing a run diversion off. After being scarcely tighten out final week opposite Winnipeg, Cameron Marshall rushed for 71 yards on 12 carries.

Naaman Roosevelt, a Riders tip receiver, amassed 167 yards receiving.

All that while a counterclaim kept Zach Collaros on his toes all night, never unequivocally permitting him to find his groove.

“That’s how we wanted it to be all night,” pronounced defensive finish Willie Jefferson, who had a Riders’ usually pouch in a game. “We knew he had an unusual throwing suit so we only wanted him to get off his mark and make him chuck on a run.”

Collaros was only 19 of 34 on his passes Saturday night with one touchdown throw.

“We put it on a front to go get after a quarterback,” conduct manager Chris Jones explained of a defensive play calling.

“Just authorised a guys to try to play discerning and play hard, it was a flattering easy diversion plan.”

One that paid off in a end, though there was some difficulty in bliss to start this one off.

Midway by a initial as Glenn put together a 53-yard expostulate down a field, though on second and dual he was intercepted in a finish zone. Hamilton’s Justin Rogers ran it behind 110 yards for a touchdown.

“It’s frustrating since we got so tighten and doing something like that – we substantially could have thrown a round a small earlier,” Glenn admitted.

But with a knowledge that he has, Glenn pronounced he doesn’t let a interceptions proviso him anymore. He showed that when a corruption went behind on a margin again right after and scored.

Glenn was a male on a mission. With a support of a 23-yard rush by Marshall, Glenn took a corruption 76 yards down margin and capped it off by using in a six-yard touchdown himself and done it 9-7 Riders.

“The biggest thing is entrance behind and we consider everybody felt that we could pierce a ball,” Glenn added.

Both teams traded margin goals early in a second. First Tyler Crapigna done one from 45 yards out afterwards Sergio Castillo answered for a Tigercats to make it 12-10.

On a subsequent drive, a Roughriders perceived a assisting palm from a Hamilton Tigercats. Two vital penalties, including a roughing a passer, buoyed a Roughriders impetus down a field. A chastisement on Duron Carter killed a Riders initial try during a touchdown, though dual plays after Glenn strike Bakari Grant in a finish zone.

The Riders were adult 19-10 with 5 mins left in a second, a measure that hold into halftime.

Hamilton’s unraveling continued in a third entertain and a Roughriders took advantage. Three nonessential harshness penalties and dual 20 yard passes to Roosevelt put a Riders during initial and goal. After handing off to Marshall for a detriment of one, Glenn connected with Carter in a behind of a finish section for Carter’s initial touchdown as a Roughrider.

In a thespian turn, Tigercat defensive behind Will Hill put his hands on one of a referees after a modify and was ejected from a game.

The concomitant chastisement put a Riders on Hamilton 45 yard line for a kickoff, heading to an easy rouge.

Hamilton attempted to miscarry with a integrate of initial downs, including a 20-yard pass Jalen Saunders, though a Tabbies staid for a margin goal.

A discerning dual and out gave Hamilton a round and it was a Roughriders spin to present Hamilton with penalties. With reduction than left in a third Hamilton had a round on a Roughriders 13 yard line. Collaros found a far-reaching open Junior Collins who ran it in 5 yards for a touchdown.

The Tigercats were fighting behind with a whole entertain left to play, though a Roughriders didn’t give up. Which is what Jones pronounced was a disproportion builder for his team.

“Good teams respond and if we watch a teams that consistently win, they do those things,” he said.

Big catches from Naaman Roosevelt and Demski took a Riders downfield early in a fourth quarter, though penalties cost a Roughriders in a finish and they staid for a margin goal. After blank game-winning margin goals in back-to-back games, Crapigna was ideal Saturday going dual for dual and converting all 4 touchdowns.

With 10 mins left in a game, a Riders were adult 30-20 and not utterly finished with a Ticats.

Aided once again by Hamilton penalties, Glenn orchestrated one some-more touchdown expostulate anticipating Carter and Marshall for brief games and Roosevelt for a beast 34-yard pass to set adult his second rushing touchdown of a night and sealing a win.

Coming off of dual heartbreakers, Jones pronounced this win feels flattering sweet.

“It’s tough to win a pro football diversion and when a group’s struggling to finish like we have a final dual weeks – we’ve found ways to give games divided – and to travel off tonight, meaningful that we merit to win a football game, was a good feeling.”  

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