Search Continues For Missing Carter County Man

August 30, 2015 - Finding Carter

A Carter County male has been blank given final year, though his family has not given adult hope.  A find done Sunday could be a large idea in what happened to Clifton Sigman. 

September 1st will be 9 months given 30-year-old Clifton Sigman went missing. On Sunday, several people came out for a 3rd open hunt in hopes of anticipating him. 

“He was a son, he was a father, he was a friend, he was a brother. They only need closure,” pronounced family crony Angela Mullannix. 

Clifton Sigman was final seen a night of Dec 1st withdrawal his mother’s home on Stump Run Road in Grayson after he and his hermit had words. According to family, Sigman went walking toward a Double A Highway in Grayson. His gloves, cigarettes and Mountain Dew were found a entertain of a mile down a highway from a empty property.  But Clifton, who was wearing a blue hoodie, a shawl and blue jeans was never found.

On Sunday, searchers stumbled on skeleton though a coroner reliable a stays are from an animal. 

As a searched wrapped adult Sunday, Mullannix says she hopes some-more people will join a hunt efforts in a future. 

“The some-more boots we have on a ground, a some-more area we can cover and it’s some-more fit and it increases a possibility of us indeed anticipating him,” she said. 

Mullannix adds that there are money rewards for anyone who has information that could lead them to anticipating Sigman. 

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