See What ‘Finding Carter’ Star Kathryn Prescott Does Behind The Camera

July 24, 2014 - Finding Carter

Bird done her companion Carter Stevens a theme of her latest mural on final night’s “Finding Carterepisode. But singer Kathryn Prescott, who plays a pretension character, is a one creation art in genuine life.

KatPhoto1Kat Prescott Photography

Prescott, who’s got a critical talent for photography (just demeanour during a collection of portraits on her website!), recently told MTV News she appreciates any possibility to organically constraint passersby on film, yet that a charge of ensuring her subjects sojourn frank isn’t always easy.

“Unless they trust a chairman who’s holding their photograph, we don’t get anything real, and we can see it,” she explains in a video below. “It’s this tough thing, since in one sense, we are entrance adult to someone, and by seeking them to take their photo, we are kind of objectifying them.”

KatPhoto2Kat Prescott Photgraphy

Clearly, though, Kat has a knack for putting people during ease. And her work, that includes shots of singers, dancers and landscapes, too, could be ripped from a pages of any magazine. WHERE’S THE NEAREST EMPTY GALLERY?!

Check out a segment, and balance in to a new “Finding Carter” part subsequent Tuesday during 10/9c!

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