Shannara Chronicles Season 2: Trailer, Release Date, Cast

August 25, 2017 - Finding Carter

The Shannara Chronicles will be relocating from MTV to Spike for Season 2. Here’s all we know about a arriving season…

Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Trailer

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 trailer is here! We’re removing some critical The 100 vibes from this thing, that includes glimpses during some critical new characters and a unequivocally intriguing shot of Amberle descending by a sky (or, we know, Ellcrys). Check it out…

Entertainment Weekly also has some photos from a new season…

Shanara Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 will premiere on Spike on Oct 11th during 10 p.m. ET. 

Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Cast

In a initial season, The Shannara Chronicles starred Arrow’s Manu Bennett, Pan’s Labyrinth’s Ivana Basquero, The Carrie Diaries’ Austin Butler (also know as Thea Queen’s DJ murderer boyfriend), and relations visitor Poppy Drayton. Of course, a predestine of Drayton’s Amberle was unequivocally most in-the-air come a deteriorate one finale.

Returning for Season 2 from a strange Season 1 expel will be: Austin Butler (Wil), Ivana Baquero (Eretria), Manu Bennett (Allanon), Aaron Jakubenko (Ander) and Marcus Vanco (Bandon).

Speaking to Hypable about her character’s arc in Season 2, Baquero said: “I consider for Eretria this deteriorate is generally about finding where she comes from, who she is, who her relatives unequivocally were, what a tattoo means… There’s a lot of that in this new season.”

The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 will collect adult a year after a events of Season 1, and finds The Four Lands in chaos, with an classification called The Crimson is vigilant on sport down sorcery users.

Amidst a unrest, Will, still anguish a detriment of Amberle and his subdivision from Eretria, has incited his behind on his enchanting healer destiny. Meanwhile, Bandon has incited super immorality and is on a goal to revive The Warlock Lord. (No, The Warlock Lord is not a good guy.)  

Hypable held adult with Ivana Baquero (aka Eretria) recently to speak Shannara Chronicles Season 2. Baquero teased: “I can contend that Wil is indeed looking for Eretria. So that’s still happening. And we will learn who a chairman is that she sees down in a tunnels with a Trolls.”

More generally, Baquero pronounced of Season 2’s structure: “There’s a lot of new immorality and new elements entrance up. So rather than being one query and one story, now there’s a lot of storylines perplexing to enclose this immorality that’s perplexing to take over a world. It’s going to be unequivocally interesting.”

There’s a whole horde of new characters this season. As Baquero described it: “We’ve got new girls, new boys… We got Gentry [White,] Malese [Jow,] Vanessa [Morgan]… Obviously, they’re good additions. And it;s good to have new people now that we’ve mislaid others. So we don’t indispensably feel like I’m a usually womanlike lead. There’s a lot of people involved.” 

Here are all of a new characters to demeanour brazen to…

According to MTV News, Malese Jow (The Flash, The Vampire Diaries) has assimilated the Shannara Chronicles Season 2 cast as Mareth, a “volatile and unpredictable” immature lady with enchanting powers who will assistance Wil find his approach behind to his friends and shun The Crimson. “Sharp, brash, and eccentric to a fault,” Mareth knows how to get what she wants.

Also fasten a expel is Vanessa Morgan (Finding Carter) as Lyria, a immature lady romatically related to Eretria. Nice to see Eretria removing some love, generally among all of a risk and mayhem it sounds like we’re in for in Season 2.

Speaking to Hypable about a same sex attribute between Erertia and Lyria, Baquero said:

What we adore about a uncover is that [sexuality] is so natural. It’s not even a thing. It’s normalized and it’s great. we consider if anything there would be some-more of an emanate if she were to go out with an Elf, since of a elitism and a disproportion in category …

It’s not something that is frowned on by anyone. It’s what it is. It’s been normalized. we consider that’s good and we wish it reflects a destiny in a way. Crossed fingers.

Gentry White (UnReal) will play Garet, a “wise-cracking Weapons Master of a Four Lands.” Garet is a annuity hunter, “skilled, sly, and charismatic,” it sounds like Garet could supplement some comedic elements to Season 2.

Caaroline Chikezie (Everly) will play Queen Tamlin, “the absolute and deceit ruler of Leah,” and a usually tellurian dominion in The Four Lands. Queen Tamlin is a cruel weapons manufacturer who uses her stately poke to make a domestic fondness with a elves. Ambitious lady.

Desmond Chiam (Bones) has been combined to a Shannara Chronicles cast as General Riga, a personality of a nonconformist infantryman organisation The Crimson. On a goal to clean out all sorcery in a Four Lands, Rigam used to be a tip dog in Eventine’s army, though has had a vital change of heart after watching his people slaughtered in a War of a Races and fighting a Dagda Mor in a War of a Forbidding. This man does not like magic.

Will Amberle Be Back in Shannara Chronicles Season 2?

You competence have beheld that Drayton’s Amberle isn’t on that expel list, though we’re not prepared to give adult wish on her character’s non-tree-form lapse usually yet… generally since there is a hide demeanour of a impression in a new trailer.

Speaking to SciFiNow about a probable lapse of Amberle, Brooks teased:

Yeah, actually, nonetheless we competence consternation how, and we won’t tell you, though we gave some critical suspicion to that, and there was a lot of speak about bringing her behind out of a tree and so forth, though we pronounced ‘No, she’s a tree [laughs], we can’t pierce her back, that’s terrible storytelling, we have to find a opposite way.’ So afterwards we told them how they could do it, so we’ll see.

But yeah, we consider she’s sealed on for another deteriorate or so, and she’ll behind for that. we know that she substantially wishes she’d gotten a opposite role, since she unequivocally favourite a series, though her life was calculable in that sold storyline.

More recently, Brooks told Just Jared Jr. about a probable Amberle (or during slightest Poppy Drayton) return:

I will contend that once a selected becomes a ellcrys tree, they are always a tree. You’ll usually have to wait and see what happens… 

Brooks also spoke about what deteriorate 2 competence demeanour like, quite if a deteriorate will collect adult where deteriorate 1 ends contra jumping forward to a events of The Wishsong of Shannara

This is an engaging discuss that’s ongoing. When we initial saw this we thought, ‘Well, we should usually pierce on and do a whole new deteriorate that involves a subsequent book and forget about this season.’ But of march MTV said, ‘Are we crazy? We’re building fan support for these actors, we can’t foot them out of there and pierce all-new people in!’ And we said, ‘Well, they could be a same characters, usually a children or whatever…’ that didn’t work.

It became transparent that they were going to build a story around a actors they have right now, and that was going to be a bearing of a story no matter what. But they are giveaway to mislay elements from other books, and we consider they will do that. They’ve already been articulate about Wishsong and regulating pieces and pieces or vast chunks of that storyline and building around a characters they already have, that isn’t too formidable to do. So that’s what they will do. What shows tend to do when bettering books is do a initial deteriorate and afterwards go off in opposite directions, so we forsee my avocation as being to assistance them get there in a best approach possible.

Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Synopsis

MTV also expelled an central summary for a new deteriorate of The Shannara Chronicles

A year after a events of final season, The Four Lands is in chaos. The re-emergence of sorcery has a proletariat terrified, and an classification called The Crimson is sport down sorcery users, regulating fear and danger to boar conflict among a races.

Wil, scarred by a detriment of Amberle and his subdivision from Eretria, has incited his behind on his enchanting destiny to turn a healer. But when a puzzling lady named Mareth saves Wil from a Crimson attack, he is forced to react a fight.

After reuniting with Eretria, Wil and Mareth find out Allanon, usually to learn that a Druid’s former protégé, Bandon, is on a goal to revive a quadruped of darkest evil: The Warlock Lord. Together, a heroes contingency rope together to take down The Crimson and forestall Bandon from unleashing an even larger hazard on a Four Lands, before it’s too late.

Though we’ll have to wait until Oct to see a new episodes on their new home, a uncover has strictly finished filming it second deteriorate in New Zealand…

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