Sixers (0-10) blown out again to finish Texas trip

November 18, 2014 - Finding Carter


SAN ANTONIO — The Sixers wrapped adult their Texas three-step with a 100-75 detriment in San Antonio (see Instant Replay). In his third diversion back, Michael Carter-Williams led his group in scoring with 16 points. He and Nerlens Noel came off a dais as they did a prior dual games.

Brett Brown sees delayed swell in Carter-Williams’s diversion and even slower swell in Noel’s.

“They are both entrance along slowly, generally Nerlens,” Brown pronounced after a game. “I have to find ways to assistance him and build his certainty and put him where he belongs. At times, we consider he feels a weight of a world, and he has to deliver. That is astray and not true.

“He has not played in so long. His trail and swell are going to be really counsel and slow. Michael we can see usually by personification him he is starting to get a improved feel, though Nerlens is going to take some time and a city needs to know that. He is young, he hasn’t played, and we am going to assistance him get to that subsequent level.”

Noel finished with 4 points and 6 rebounds opposite a Spurs.

The rookie pulled down 10 rebounds in any of his initial dual games, though has had single-digit play in any diversion since. Twice this deteriorate Noel has scored in double figures, though not in any of his final 4 appearances. And after carrying 6 blocks sum in his initial dual games, Noel has blocked 6 sum shots in his final 6 games.

“I know what we am able of doing, and we am personification within myself,” Noel said. “Tonight things usually weren’t going my way. we am not removing it done. we know we am able of personification many times improved than what we am right now. we am doing my best to stay focused and confident.

“I do consider we have to do a improved pursuit on a descent end, anticipating guys in open areas and not doing too most generally with turnovers. We need to make a easy pass.”

The Sixers are a usually group in a NBA winless during 0-10. Brown does not mostly move adult a team’s record to his players, though he is wakeful that with each flitting diversion that does not furnish a win, a group approaches a authorization record. The 1972-73 group started a deteriorate with 15 uninterrupted losses.

“It is not something we will bruise home often,” Brown said. “I will make certain that we keep banging out good days and adhering with a process. We consider formula will come. They roughly came a other night opposite Houston and it roughly came a night opposite Orlando. There are some games that if we concentration some-more on what we are doing, a other things will happen.”

The newest member of a Sixers, Robert Covington, was thrown fast into a mix. He played 17 minutes, shot 1 for 5 from a floor, done all 4 of his free-throw attempts and finished with 6 points, 3 rebounds and dual assists.

“I suspicion Robert Covington came in and looked like he could play,” Brown said. “His stats would not simulate that though we consider he is a good collect up.”

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