Sixers Blow 18 Point 4th Quarter Lead, Lose To Grizzlies In OT 120-115

December 14, 2014 - Finding Carter

It was a best of times, it was a misfortune of times.

The initial 40 mins of basketball were some of a many moving basketball Brett Brown’s group had played all season. The Sixers followed adult a 16-8 tighten to a third entertain with a 15-9 scurry to start a 4th, building adult a lead with 7:39 left in a diversion that was clearly insurmountable.

Some would have called it a report win, with Memphis carrying won a double overtime thriller during home a night before. Even so, a Sixers executed on both ends of a justice during a turn that they frequency have this year, withdrawal Memphis, who entered a diversion 17-4 on a season, with few answers.

“That’s a vicious loss. That is a really vicious loss,” Sixers conduct manager Brett Brown pronounced after a game. “It’s a vicious detriment for a garland of immature guys that put themselves in an implausible position to get a illusory win.”

“I wish to mount here and tell everybody that it’s a good training experience, and there is some law to that,” Brown said. “The law of a matter is that’s a gut-wrenching loss. That’s a fact. we feel for those guys.”

At 7:39 left in a game, Michael Carter-Williams had 13 points, 11 assists, and 7 rebounds. He had shot 6-12 from a margin and committed usually one turnover to that point.

After creation his final margin idea of a night with 6:53 remaining in a 4th quarter, Carter-Williams would go 0-5 with 5 turnovers a rest of a game. Perhaps many gross was his invulnerability on Mike Conley Jr, who strike 5 or 9 3 pointers on his approach to a career high 36 points, including a game-tying 3 pointer as time expired.

Carter-Williams would finish a diversion with his second triple-double of a season, finishing with 16 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists, while sharpened 7-18 from a margin and committing 6 turnovers.

After a game, Brett Brown pronounced that a multiple of Carter-Williams blank an uncontested layup with underneath a notation left, followed by Mike Conley creation what Brown described as a playground shot to send a diversion into overtime, shabby a approach that Michael Carter-Williams approached a additional period.

Michael Carter-Williams certified as most after a game.

“I was flattering dissapoint that a diversion even got to overtime, and we let it get to me. we can’t,” Carter-Williams said. “I was usually terrible in overtime.”

Robert Covington, who was extrinsic into a starting lineup in place of Henry Sims. led a Sixers with 24 points and 9 rebounds in a game-high 45 mins played. Covington has now scored 20 points in 4 of his final 5 games and is averaging 19.3 points over his final 6. Covington was sealed from a D-League in mid-November.

Tony Wroten finished with 17 points in 19 mins off a bench, his second diversion behind given returning from a sprained right knee that cost him 6 games.

After dual turnovers in a 1 minute, 20 second camber in a 4th quarter, Wroten did not play in a final 5:20 of a 4th entertain or in a overtime period.

“I really wish to be out there. I’m a competitor. That was a coach’s decision, that’s what he wanted to go with,” Wroten pronounced after a game. “Coach, that’s what he gets paid for. We get paid to play.”

“That was a diversion where we wanted to win that big, since that was a group that traded me,” Wroten said. “I was doing all in my energy to tell my group to get that win.”

The Sixers also perceived a large boost from Hollis Thompson, who scored 21 points on 7-8 shooting, including a ideal 5-5 from 3 indicate range. Thompson had shot usually 8-33 from 3 indicate operation over his prior 7 games.

Should The Sixers Have Fouled?

2 giveaway throws by Hollis Thompson put a Sixers adult by 3 with 4.6 seconds left to play. The Grizzlies afterwards inbounded a round to Marc Gasol, who hold a round for scarcely 2 seconds before anticipating Mike Conley. Conley was afterwards means to use a Gasol shade to make a game-tying 3 pointer as time lapsed that sent a diversion into overtime.

Many will disagree that a scold play when adult 3 with usually seconds remaining is to tainted a hostile group before they have a possibility to get a 3 indicate try up. With Gasol display small seductiveness in looking his possess shot from over a arc, a event was positively there.

Brett Brown, who watched all of a Grizzlies done 3 indicate margin goals after a diversion before addressing a media, pronounced he did not cruise fouling during a end.

“As distant as usually entrance down and fouling them, I’m going to behind a defense,” Brown said. “I’ve usually seen a finish of a game, [and] there aren’t many regrets as distant as timeouts or could we have, should we have.”

“The play during a end, it’s a playground shot,” Brown said.”


Furkan Aldemir Coming To Philadelphia

Last night I reported that Furkan Aldemir will be entrance to Philadelphia today. A joining source has reliable to LibertyBallers that Aldemir has perceived his visa. His contract, that according to Adrian Wojnarowski is already concluded upon, should be finalized in a subsequent few days.

Memphis’ Hot Three Point Shooting

Memphis done 8 of 12 3 indicate shots in a 4th quarter, assisting them overcome an 18 indicate fourth entertain deficit.

Brett Brown watched a three’s his group gave adult before vocalization with a media.

“Some of them we mislaid [Conley]. We mislaid Vince. Some of them were defensive mistakes,” Brown said. “Some of it’s disturbing, some of it we shake their hand. We’ll arise adult tomorrow and we’ll pierce on.”

“You always second theory yourself. You always wish to be perfect. we wish to be good for those guys [in a locker room],” Brown said. “You’re always wondering what we can do differently.”

“You usually can’t blink or consider though saying reality. What a ruin usually happened? We were adult 18,” Brown pronounced about examination a film. “I need to see a truth. we need to see what usually happened.”

Memphis 8 3 pointers in a 4th entertain included:

  • One where Tony Wroten gambled for a steal, causing a rest of a group to over-rotate.
  • A transition 3 after a turnover where a group struggled to locate their guys in transition.
  • Hollis Thompson removing held adult in a screen.
  • Michael Carter-Williams losing Conley to assistance on a baseline drive.
  • The final play where they should have fouled.

Some of a others were contested, though there was no doubt some really critical defensive miscues that helped a Grizzlies get behind in a game.

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