Sixers dejected again on highway by NBA-best Warriors

December 31, 2014 - Finding Carter


OAKLAND – This was flattering most what we would design when a NBA’s best group played opposite a league’s misfortune team.

The Sixers were simply outclassed by a Golden State Warriors in Tuesday night 126-86 detriment (see Instant Replay). The Sixers forsaken to 4-26 with a loss, while a Warriors softened to a league-best 25-5.

The Sixers have found things to be intensely severe during Oracle Arena lately. Last February, they mislaid by 43 points in their sole revisit to a Bay area. An 83-point winning domain for a Warriors over a Sixers’ final dual trips ranks fifth-highest all-time in a NBA.

Brett Brown knows a unilateral measure is what a outward universe will concentration on, though he wants his players to see some-more than a final scoreboard.

“They have to stay grounded and be reminded all about a routine and not a result,” Brown said. “It is tough to contend that when we usually mislaid a proceed that we usually did. we get that. There are some things where we travel divided training from a good group with arguably a best backcourt in a NBA. You leave here saying what we aspire to build.”

That backcourt of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson did a pursuit early. Curry scored 8 of his 13 points in a initial quarter, while Thompson had 11 of his 14 in a initial 12 mins as well. The span also total for 5 of a Warriors’ 12 three-pointers.

“They are a best backcourt in a NBA,” Michael Carter-Williams said.

That might be true, though Curry and Thompson got copiousness of help. Seven Warriors scored in double total led by former Sixer Marreese Speights’ game-high 23.

Carter-Williams was entrance off sharpened 2 for 20 in a Sixers’ detriment to a Utah Jazz. And while he didn’t have a repeat opening on Tuesday, he didn’t have one of his improved games either.

MCW finished 1 for 7 from a margin and tied a deteriorate low with 4 points. He also had 6 assists, 3 steals and 3 turnovers.

“I felt alright,” Carter-Williams said. “I still didn’t fire a round well, though we attempted to get other guys concerned and be some-more of a indicate guard.”

That plan didn’t work, especially since a Sixers couldn’t reason onto a ball. They tied a deteriorate high with 28 turnovers, that led to 43 points for a Warriors.

The Sixers came into a diversion averaging a league-worst 17.9 turnovers. They started operative toward attack that symbol early on by branch a round over 11 times in a initial quarter. They upheld their deteriorate normal with 8:18 remaining in a third entertain when Henry Sims was whistled for roving for a Sixers’ 18th giveaway of a night.

Tuesday noted a 13th uninterrupted diversion that a Sixers have committed during slightest 17 turnovers. It’s an area of debility that a group has shown small alleviation in to this indicate of a season.

“At a finish of a day, we had 28 turnovers and 11 blocked shots,” Brown said. “That is a large series to not get a shot off.

“I don’t wish a guys feeling embarrassed. we don’t wish them feeling ashamed. we wish them anticipating a proceed to take a low exhale and see that this is where a Philadelphia 76ers module is during in a moment, and during times it is painful, though we pierce on.”

Nerlens Noel, who scored 8 points and grabbed 7 rebounds on a sprained left ankle, concluded that a Sixers should have a totalled proceed and take some positives from a blowout.

“We done some strides in this diversion notwithstanding a score,” Noel said. “We did a good pursuit relocating a round compared to what we did progressing in a season. Regardless of a score, we have to rebound behind from this. That was a maestro group and one of a best team’s in a NBA. We were awaiting their high-octane offense and ability to pierce a round like they did, though weren’t mentally prepared.”

But not everybody was prepared to plan a big-picture impact of a drubbing during a hands of a NBA’s tip team.

“Maybe a training knowledge of saying how a playoff group plays,” Carter-Williams said. “That is a usually thing we can unequivocally take from this.”

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