Sixers Weekly Observations: Where’s a devise headed?

November 24, 2014 - Finding Carter

The Sixers played 4 games final week, all of them losses, though even in improved there were lessons to be learned.

Here are 5 observations after a week that was for a 0-13 Sixers:

1. Statistically, a Sixers are a group in critical turmoil. They normal a fewest points per diversion in a fasten (88.8). They fire a lowest commission from three-point operation (29.8). They concede opponents a many rebounds per diversion (45.9) and their prove differential is a league-worst minus-16.4.

Being final in so many categories explains a Sixers’ winless status.

2. Michael Carter-Williams is a reigning Rookie of a Year, though he is struggling as a second-year player. In 6 games behind from injury, MCW is sharpened 34.8 percent from a building and 20.8 percent from behind a arc. He has 26 assists and 27 turnovers.

Carter-Williams is averaging 14.3 points, 5.7 rebounds and 4.3 assists.

The Sixers’ starting prove ensure had a six-month layoff given of shoulder surgery, though he does not demeanour rusty, rather a actor some-more meddlesome in anticipating his shot instead of shots for his teammates.

3. Fans are removing nervous with Sam Hinkie’s rebuilding plan. The classification final year was pure about holding a module down to a unclothed skeleton and afterwards building it behind adult clever and successful for years to come.

Last year, a group won 19 games and suffered a 26-game losing streak. This year, a group is reduction rival and it has dual lottery picks who are incompetent to assistance make a conditions improved — Joel Embiid is hurt, and Dario Saric is personification in Europe.

The devise sounded good in a commencement given it was opposite and bold; now a effect of a devise is in question. A 19-win deteriorate followed by one that is on lane to be worse has lifted questions about when and how this group is going to be rival again.

4. Tony Wroten has increasing his trade value given fasten a Sixers. The No. 26 altogether collect in 2012 came to a Sixers in a summer of 2013 with a repute of being an out-of-control actor who could get to a basket during will.

His speed was excellent though his ability to make players around him improved was questioned.

Wroten has done himself better, and his statistics would prove he is assisting his teammates, too.

Through 13 games, Wroten is heading a Sixers in scoring with 17.7 points per game, assists with 5.8 and he also averages 3.5 rebounds. Wroten is sharpened 42.4 percent overall, 29.8 from three-point operation and 61.4 percent from a tainted line.

5. Brett Brown has regularly pronounced he has a logjam during a large wing position. He starts Luc Mbah a Moute as a tiny forward. K.J. McDaniels plays that spot, and with Wroten a starting sharpened guard, Hollis Thompson needs mins during tiny forward, as well. Robert Covington done 4 three-pointers in Saturday’s diversion opposite a Knicks, and yes, he too is a tiny forward.

Finding a unchanging revolution is formidable for Brown given a disproportion in talent on his register is minimal, and what a actor gives Brown one game, he is mostly incompetent to furnish a next.

Uncovering a go-to man would move faith to a devise that now has copiousness of holes.

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