Skins second generation: where are they now?

January 27, 2017 - Finding Carter

It’s been 10 years given E4 sanctified a lives with Skins, and we’re still not over a fact it’s gone.

To uncover usually how many we skip and still consider about a expel who done a early teen years a small bit better, we motionless to do some stalking and see where a stars of a Skins second era are now (because everybody always focuses on a initial era and even nonetheless they were fab, we wanna uncover a second lot a small bit of adore too).

Kayda Scodelario (Effy)

Scodelario was a usually impression to tarry dual generations of a show, nonetheless she eventually over in 2010 after 4 series’ to make approach for a third generation. Since afterwards she has been bustling rubbing shoulders with Hollywood A-listers after her repeated purpose in a film blockbuster The Maze Runner. She has also announced she’ll be creation an entrance in Pirates of a Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and The Kings Daughter, both due for recover this year. We can frequency trust that a dear small Effy will now be gracing a screens alongside film kingship Johnny Depp, generally given before to Skins she had no behaving knowledge whatsoever. Oh, she’s also had time to get married and have a baby too. Not bad! G’warn girl!

Jack O’Connell (James / Cook)

Effy isn’t a usually one who’s been bustling on a large screen. Jack O’Connell has done several appearances in cinemas, many particularly being expel in Angelina Jolie’s 2014 film Unbroken and also by appearing in a hunk-fest film that is 300: Rise of an Empire. He’ll lapse to a screens after this year in Tulip Fever alongside everyone’s fave lady crush, Cara Delevigne and we positively can't wait.

Luke Pasqualino (Freddie)

Our favourite Italian stallion has been bustling on both a large and small screens given vacating from Skins behind in 2010. After starring in Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome and a brief army in a ultimate laugh-out-loud comedy array Miranda, it’s protected to contend he hasn’t been picky with his roles. He even starred in a BBC’s vital strike array Our Girl, nonetheless this year we can demeanour brazen to saying him in Smartass and Solar Eclipse: Depth of Darkness. Totally pointless roles nonetheless we’re vehement nonetheless.

Ollie Barbieri (JJ)

Ollie hasn’t been adult to many given withdrawal Skins in 2010. His many recognizable purpose given Skins was indeed in Anuvahood (which we’re not angry about given that film is humorous af). After a brief 4 year mangle starting in 2013, Ollie is behind this year in fear film Blood Money.

Kathryn Prescott ( Emily)

One half of a fave set of twins, Kathryn has been a bustling bee given finale her army on Skins in 2013, with roles in Being Human, Finding Carter and 24: Legacy. Unfortunately, she won’t be starring with her other half, Megan, anytime soon. Kathryn has been operative in America operative on dual films due for recover this year: To a Bone and Fun Mom Dinner, nonetheless a span were always open about not being tighten twins anyway. Oh well, we can still hope, right?

Megan Prescott (Katie)

The other half of a Fitch twins has also been bustling on-screen, with roles in Silent Witness, Holby City and an arriving purpose in 2017 brief film The Verge. It doesn’t seem like a lot, nonetheless Megan has been bustling transforming into a womanlike Hulk as well. She’s been on an Instagram tour transforming into a body-builder. We didn’t see that one entrance and kinda wish we had a proclivity to get in figure too. Instead we’ll usually lay here drooling over her pics and accessible her new brief film while scoffing chocolate (SOMEONE has to be lazy, we can’t all be fit).

Lily Loveless (Naomi)

Lily left Skins in 2013 and hasn’t had a notation off since. She went on to star in DCI Banks, Fear of Water and Set a Thames on Fire. She also starred alongside her associate Skins second-generation co-star Luke Pasqualino in The Musketeers. She doesn’t have anything due to expelled this year (probs holding a good deserved break) nonetheless we don’t censure her. We got a whole lotta adore for Miss Loveless.

Lisa Backwell (Pandora)

Lisa played a naïve immature teen, Pandora, on Skins from 2008-2010 and, alongside Kayda (Effy), was one of a usually characters from a second era to reappear in a third generation. Sadly, distinct Kayda, Lisa hasn’t had many fitness alighting roles since. She starred in Ella in 2011 and Endeavour and Too Good of a Samaritan in 2012. Five years on, she has no behaving credits to supplement to her portfolio. She is apparently posterior a career in finance. RANDOM. We’re still anticipating she lands an behaving purpose shortly though. We skip her lovable lil’ face.

Merveille Lukeba (Thomas)

Seven years given withdrawal Skins, Merveille has graced a screens in vital TV array Lewis, as good as in Bloody Foreigners and in one of a biggest inspo films of 2016, A United Kingdom (which also stars Rosamund Pike and Tom Felton so we’re majorly jealous). He looks so grown adult now that creates us a small bit sad, nonetheless not too unhappy given he’s a critical contender for Man Crush Monday.

Klariza Clayton (Karen)

Klariza and Ollie (JJ) are to be reunited after this year in Blood Money and, if their performances in Skins are anything to go by, it’ll be totally awesome. Klariza has another film entrance out this year too. Fox Trap is a freaky fear film that is usually a small bit opposite to her pervious roles in children’s TV shows House of Anubis and Dani’s House. We’re blissful to see her still alighting roles given we’re not utterly prepared to contend goodbye to her usually yet.

All 7 seasons of Skin’s is accessible to watch now on All 4

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