SLO County Jail invalid died of healthy causes, coroner rules

January 25, 2018 - Finding Carter

A San Luis Obispo County Jail invalid who died in Nov died from healthy causes, and no traces of drugs or ethanol were found in his system, a Sheriff-Coroner’s Office news expelled Wednesday confirmed.

Russell Alan Hammer, 62, of Hanford died Nov 27, 2017, after angry of chest pain and crispness of breath. He became nonchalant as jail staff were wheeling him to a jail medical facility, according to a central autopsy news expelled by Sheriff’s officials.

Dr. Joye Carter, who was hired as a county’s new medical investigator final September, ruled that Hammer died of pulmonary thrombo-embolism and deep capillary thrombosis of his left leg. Carter ruled a genocide as natural.

Hammer was a third invalid to die in a jail in 2017 and a 12th invalid to die in Sheriff’s Office control given Jan 2012. With Hammer’s death, a jail’s invalid genocide rate in 2017 was scarcely 3 times a many new inhabitant normal recorded in 2014.

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I need to go to a hospital, SLO jail invalid pronounced before lethal heart attack

‘I need to go to a hospital,’ SLO jail invalid pronounced before lethal heart attack

The jail is a theme of a civil rights investigation by a FBI, that strictly began in May. An FBI orator was not immediately accessible for criticism on a standing of that examination early Wednesday.

According to an autopsy news created by Detective Coroner Rory Linn, he and Carter reported to a jail to examine a genocide and found Hammer fibbing on a petrify building in a corridor between we Deck and O Deck. He was bending adult to an oxygen machine, intravenous fluids and defibrillator pads, a news says.

Linn wrote that there were no signs of outmost trauma.

During a ride in a wheelchair, a decedent became unresponsive.

Autopsy news created by SLO Sheriff’s Detective Coroner Rory Linn

Jail staff reportedly told Linn that Hammer contacted them from his single-person dungeon observant he was brief of breath.

“Medical staff was immediately told and jail staff began transporting a decedent to a medical trickery during a jail,” a news reads. “During a ride in a wheelchair, a decedent became unresponsive.”

Linn wrote that after life-saving efforts failed, staff examined Hammer’s cell, anticipating no justification of drug use, tainted play or rapist activity.

Hammer’s autopsy was achieved a subsequent day, with Carter anticipating overload in a pulmonary lobes of Hammer’s lungs and blood clots within bulging veins in his calf, according to a report. Linn wrote that aggravating factors enclosed Hammer’s peripheral vascular disease and cellulitis in his left calf.

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Hammer, who was primarily housed in a dorm with other inmates after being requisitioned on attack charges, was eventually changed into a singular dungeon “for mental health concerns,” Linn wrote. The Tribune previously reported that justice annals uncover Hammer was indicted of stabbing his mother with a grocer blade and charged Nov. 8 with physical damage on a associate or cohabitant and attack with a lethal weapon, both felonies.

Records uncover he was in a caring of San Luis Obispo County Mental Health from during slightest Nov. 8 until Nov. 13, when his profession announced a doubt of his mental competency to mount trial. A Superior Court decider dangling his rapist box and allocated dual debate psychologists to perform psychiatric evaluations. Hammer was due behind in justice in Dec for examination of doctors’ findings.

His genocide is a latest in a array of deaths that have brought courtesy to controversial diagnosis of inmates with mental and medical health needs by jail and county health staff. In Jul 2017, a county awarded $5 million to a family of former invalid Andrew Holland, a mentally ill Atascadero male who died after being hold in a patience chair for scarcely dual days.

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