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June 1, 2016 - Finding Carter

Before St. Paul’s mayor interviews a finalists opposed to spin a city’s military chief, a 5 will be creation their cases to others who could be their destiny bosses: a community.

At forums on Wednesday and Thursday, 4 longtime St. Paul military officers and one Minneapolis officer will answer community-submitted questions. Mayor Chris Coleman says he wants people to give him feedback on who they cite for a job.

“I’m not looking for someone that needs to come in and stone a dialect or spin it upside down given we cruise we’re in a unequivocally clever position right now,” Coleman said. “I wish someone that can continue a work that (recently retired) Chief (Thomas) Smith has finished and … continue to build a relations with a community.” 

A military arch preference cabinet of 30 village members narrowed down a applicant pool and interviewed 7 people. They afterwards comparison 5 finalists — St. Paul Police Assistant Chief Todd Axtell, Cmdr. Colleen Luna, Senior Cmdr. Tina McNamara, halt Assistant Chief Matt Toupal and Minneapolis Police Lt. Eddie Frizell.

St. Paul’s final 3 military chiefs, who served over a past 24 years, were group of color. Four of a finalists this time are white, and one is African-American. Two of a finalists are women; St. Paul’s stream halt arch is a woman, imprinting a initial time a womanlike has hold a city’s tip patrolman job.

Coleman will start interviewing a finalists Friday and expects to name his collect by a finish of June, that will afterwards be theme to City Council approval.

The new arch will conduct a bill of scarcely $110 million, manage a dialect of some-more than 700 employees and acquire a income of $117,000-160,000.

Challenges confronting a subsequent arch embody heading a dialect during a time of inspection over military use of force, quite in communities of color; combating gun violence; gripping adult staffing as a city grows; and implementing physique cameras.

Here is a demeanour during a 5 finalists and what they contend their priorities as arch would be:

NOTE: THIS IS THE PREFERRED PHOTO OF AXTELL TO USE, PLEASE -- Undated pleasantness photo, circa Mar 2016, of St. Paul Assistant Police Chief Todd Axtell, who practical in 2016 to spin a city's subsequent military chief. (Courtesy photo)
Todd Axtell (Courtesy photo)


Age: 48

Title: St. Paul assistant military arch for operations, that includes patrol

Law coercion experience: 26.5 years as a St. Paul military officer and 1.5 years as Breezy Point and Pequot Lakes officer

Highest degree: Master’s in military leadership, administration and education, University of St. Thomas

Residence: St. Paul

The disproportion Todd Axtell says he has lived his career by are “Service With Respect,” and after he became an partner arch 3 years ago, he began carrying that sign put on a side of any new section automobile a dialect obtained. It’s a summary that Axtell says he conveys to a 400-plus section officers he supervises: that any movement they take contingency be reasonable, compulsory and finished with respect.

Respect is a trait Axtell pronounced he schooled early on from his parents. He grew adult in Northfield, Silver Bay and Brainerd. After operative as a parochial military officer, Axtell was hired in St. Paul and, like a other arch finalists, rose by a ranks.

Axtell is a usually finalist who resides in St. Paul (police officers in Minnesota are not compulsory to live in a city where they serve). He was also a finalist to spin St. Paul arch in 2010.

Since Axtell has been partner chief, he pronounced he has been holding a some-more vicious demeanour during use of force and would continue that work as chief. Any box of an officer regulating force, including a slight amount, is discussed by Axtell and comparison commanders, and they give feedback to officers, that could operation from revelation them their use was suitable to re-training or coaching to discipline. Community complaints about use of force declined some-more than 62 percent in 2014-2015 compared with 2012-2013, Axtell said.

Axtell identifies his tip priorities as shortening squad and gun attack by prevention, involvement and enforcement; diversifying a department’s ranks “so that we spin contemplative of a village we serve,” and building trust by village engagement.

Billy Collins, late YWCA St. Paul’s arch executive officer, has seen Axtell work with a village in several ways and says Axtell’s beginning for a girl military academy has generally built relations between immature people and officers. The 10th category will connoisseur this summer, and some-more than 500 immature people, 95 percent of whom are people of color, have participated, Axtell said.

“I’ve seen that Todd has a genuine passion about strengthening a community; he’s been doing this for many years, and we cruise as arch that he would continue on that trail to improved offer a adults of St. Paul,” Collins said.

Eddie Frizell (Courtesy photo)


Age: 53

Title: Minneapolis military vital supervising domestic attack unit

Law coercion experience: 23 years as a Minneapolis military officer

Highest degree: Master’s of vital study, U.S. Army War College and master’s of leadership, Augsburg College

Residence: Maple Grove; says he’d cruise relocating to St. Paul if named chief

Growing adult in Waterloo, Iowa, Eddie Frizell began feeling a lift toward law coercion when he was young.

The school district was operative toward desegregation and Frizell pronounced he was among a tiny series of African-American students who attended a predominately white high school. Police stopped him “numerous times” in a area, Frizell said, infrequently as he simply stood subsequent to his car.

“I knew if we wanted to change a enlightenment within a military department, we would have to do it from a inside,” Frizell said.

Frizell became a Minneapolis military officer, where his tip arrange has been emissary arch of patrol, and ran for Hennepin County policeman in 2014. He’s also served in a Minnesota Army National Guard given 1989, deployed to Bosnia, Iraq and Kuwait, and became a initial African-American colonel in 2013.

When Frizell practical to be St. Paul’s chief, he knew he was going adult opposite a clever tradition. The city has not had a arch from outward a dialect in complicated history, though Frizell pronounced he’s right for a pursuit given “every good classification has to have uninformed eyes come in to assistance it go to a subsequent level.”

Frizell wants to pierce some-more crime-pattern research to St. Paul to concentration resources. He pronounced he partnered with village members, while regulating crime analysis, to accomplish crime reductions when he was a conduct of dual precincts in Minneapolis.

Frizell also seeks to pierce his knowledge in diversifying a Minneapolis dialect to St. Paul. He pronounced he grown Minneapolis’ village use officer program, that pays for two-year law coercion degrees for a part-time workers, and there was an 18 percent boost in people of tone in a Minneapolis military dialect from 1997 to 2008.

William Blair Anderson, St. Cloud military chief, was a classmate of Frizell’s in a FBI National Academy, a veteran growth march for law coercion leaders.

“One of a things that stands out, generally when we start reaching aloft ranks, is people who are bold adequate to get contention from others, who don’t cruise they have all a answers,” pronounced Anderson, who has seen that as Frizell’s approach.

Colleen Luna (Courtesy photo)
Colleen Luna (Courtesy photo)


Age: 54

Title: St. Paul military commander supervising a skill crimes unit

Law coercion experience: 32 years as a St. Paul military officer

Highest degree: Master’s in organizational management, Concordia University

Residence: Inver Grove Heights; says she would pierce to St. Paul if named chief

Colleen Luna, who is a military arch finalist with a many years of experience, says she’s reached a indicate in her career where she doesn’t only wish people to tell her, “You did a good job.”

“I wish to hear what we can work on to indeed be improved and to have those frank, tough discussions, so that we can work to pierce forward,” she said.

Growing adult in South St. Paul, Luna knew early on she wanted a career that would make a disproportion in a community. She went to Mankato State University on a softball extend and, from her initial law coercion class, could tell it was a right fit.

In her years as a St. Paul officer, Luna was in assign of a department’s inner affairs section on dual occasions and says her work there would assistance her pierce burden and clarity to a dialect as a whole.

“She’s always been an superb military officer, strong-minded and tough,” pronounced William Finney, who comparison Luna and Axtell as his executive officers when he was St. Paul military chief. “She’s somebody we can trust implicitly.”

If she becomes chief, Luna pronounced she would start by assembly with officers and village members to brand “what are we doing, what are we not doing, what should we be doing and what do we wish to do.” Areas she’s looking during include:

  • Looking for ways to revoke aroused crime and gun violence.

  • Recruiting some-more different officers.

  • Revisiting a 15-year-old military dialect agreement with a NAACP, that was reached to residence secular profiling, to see what’s operative and what should be changed.

Luna was a finalist to spin University of Minnesota military arch pursuit in 2015 and for St. Paul arch in 2004 and 2010. With her 3 children grown, Luna pronounced she’s some-more prepared than ever to spin St. Paul’s arch and “try to impact change.”

Tina McNamara (Courtesy photo)
Tina McNamara (Courtesy photo)


Age: 47

Title: St. Paul military comparison commander supervising carnage and spoliation unit

Law coercion experience: 23 years as a St. Paul military officer

Highest degree: Master’s in open reserve preparation administration, University of St. Thomas

Residence: Mendota Heights; says she’d cruise relocating to St. Paul if she gets a job

Seven years ago, Tina McNamara sat in a room during a Dayton’s Bluff Recreation Center as about 30 immature men, all pronounced to be squad members, stared during her in silence. She was a new commander of a military department’s squad unit.

McNamara had taken over a grant, that offering training, mentoring and preparation to get immature group get out of squad life and into jobs. Building trust took time, though McNamara pronounced they did, and she’s still in hold with many of a immature men. It was anticipating out about how they grew up, and a misery they experienced, that would expostulate one of McNamara’s priorities if she becomes chief.

She pronounced she wants a military dialect to partner with non-profits, schools, open health, mental health services and some-more to “meet a needs” of immature people instead of saying them breeze adult in a rapist probity complement for teen offenses, such as violation curfew or skipping school.

McNamara pronounced she would also have a dialect reprioritize sex-trafficking investigations, and partner military officers with mental health professionals for an around-the-clock response group to predicament calls.

McNamara’s seductiveness in assisting others was desirous by her parents’ careers as open servants. After flourishing adult in Hastings, she attended Mankato State University on a tiny golf extend and suspicion she wanted to be an attorney, though she was intrigued after she took her initial law coercion category and went on to spin a St. Paul military officer.

The connectors McNamara has done along a way, such as with Michael Rucker, are what matter to her most. Rucker, now 25, and McNamara met when she was a squad section commander and he was in a girl module during Dayton’s Bluff Rec Center. He remembers McNamara giving him rides to work when he was a teen and pronounced she has assisted him with removing jobs some-more recently.

If McNamara becomes chief, Rucker pronounced he thinks she will “look during everybody who has been by some bad things and see wish in them, see they wish to change things around. we unequivocally see she’s going to make a change in a village instead of only wanting a title.”

Undated pleasantness photo, circa Apr 2016, of Matt Toupal, halt partner St. Paul military arch of vital crimes, who is in a using to spin St. Paul's subsequent military chief. (Courtesy photo)
Matt Toupal(Courtesy photo)


Age: 49

Title: Interim St. Paul partner military arch for vital crimes, that includes investigations

Law coercion experience: 26.5 years as a St. Paul military officer

Highest degree: Bachelor’s in military science, St. Mary’s University

Residence: Ham Lake; says he would pierce to St. Paul if named chief

Matt Toupal’s many new assignment, before apropos an halt partner chief, was supervising a department’s Eastern District, where he implemented feet beats final summer.

“I told officers, ‘You’re going to get to know business owners, you’re going to get to know kids, a village … and we’re going to residence those crime concerns with them and watch what happens,’ ” Toupal said. The area with a many critical crime saw a 14 percent rebate during a summer and a 57 percent dump in quality-of-life crime, Toupal said, adding that a feet beats will continue this summer.

Working together with a village to find solutions to crime has been a executive partial of Toupal’s career, he said, and he was respected in 2009 as a department’s Detective of a Year for identical work in a North End. He pronounced he wants to pierce that community-oriented, problem-solving proceed to policing St. Paul as a whole.

If he becomes chief, Toupal pronounced he would also safeguard “training is in line with village values.”

“The universe is changing, and given of that, we have to take a demeanour during how we do business … and we also need to make certain a officers are protected on a street,” Toupal said.

Toupal grew adult in White Bear Lake and was primarily in propagandize to spin a biomedical technician. But his ball coach, who was a White Bear Lake military officer, assured Toupal to go on a ride-along with him. “I overtly felt my calling,” Toupal said, and he shifted march to spin a military officer.

Cassandra Carter, Arlington Hills Community Center’s library patron use liaison, came to know Toupal when he worked on a East Side. When a village core reopened in 2014, Carter pronounced she was primarily indignant about a proceed she saw officers treating teenagers and she suspicion they were targeting them.

But Carter pronounced Toupal was peaceful to have “hard conversations” with her, and “he wanted there to be trust.” She saw that function by Toupal carrying officers spend time during Arlington Hills to get to know people, not only responding to calls.

Carter believes her knowledge with Toupal is what people would see if he’s named chief. “He listens, he’s down to earth and in hold with people, so he knows a genuine issues,” she said.


The city is hosting dual military arch claimant forums, in that a 5 finalists will respond to community-submitted questions. People can contention questions during a assembly and, given all finalists will answer any question, it is approaching that 8 questions will be covered.

When: Wednesday and Thursday, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Where: Wednesday at Concordia University’s E.M. Pearson Theatre, 312 N. Hamline Ave. Thursday during Progressive Baptist Church, 1505 Burns Ave.

Feedback to a mayor about a finalists can be sent to

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