Star Trek: Discovery’s Newest Episode Might Be One of a Best Treks Yet

January 10, 2018 - Finding Carter

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Star Trek: Discovery is back, and it looks like a latest part is environment us adult for a unusual second half of a season. “Despite Yourself” was beautifully approach (thank we Jonathan Frakes) with overwhelming visuals and a storyline that left viewers on a corner of their seats and, during some points, good out during a TV shade in startle and despair. (But in a good way.) This is unequivocally an part that justifies a additional cost to have CBS All Access. The rest of this essay is going to have vital spoilers for Season 1 Episode 10, “Despite Yourself.” Only examination on if you’ve already seen a episode. 

Mirror star episodes are tricky, generally this early in a show’s life. But this one lived adult to a intensity and beyond. Jonathan Frakes is an extraordinary director, and he shined by again with “Despite Yourself.” He recently also directed The Orville’s episode Pria, along with churned episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles, Finding Carter, Falling Skies, The Librarians, and more. But we already knew Frakes was a unusual executive interjection to First Contact. 


“Despite Yourself” showed us Ash Tyler’s anguish and a control that L’Rell has over him, as he struggles to keep some emergence of control over his life. But he’s unwell fast. His dim side contrasts starkly with his budding attribute with Michael, and it’s distressing to know that their attribute is expected unfailing to fail. Remember how Saru’s fear response kicked in while he was articulate about a reflection star and where they were during a commencement of a episode? Well, that fear response also happened to coincide with Ash walking on a bridge. Coincidence? we don’t consider so. Ash is losing control, and he can’t do anything to stop it.

Meanwhile, Captain Lorca was an conundrum during tools of this episode. His decisions seemed off. He kept harping on Michael about remaining veteran (despite a fact that she seemed only fine) and did a same thing to Dr. Culber. It feels like maybe, only maybe, he’s projecting. But then, Michael’s decisions were off too. She’s giving in to tellurian tension and deviate from her Vulcan proof a small too easily. Maybe all of a highlight is only removing to everyone.


But honestly, those are teenager questions compared to a mass of this episode. we was glued to a shade a whole time and couldn’t demeanour away. As one Redditor, SlaebNi wrote, “First time in my life, after examination each Star Trek, each movie, each episode. This is a initial time we was on a corner of my seat.” I privately competence not go utterly that far. we remember examination Captain Picard as Locutus of Borg and being totally mesmerized, terrified, and “engaged.” (Couldn’t conflict that pun.) But this part was unequivocally banishment on all cylinders (or shall we contend diverge drives?) It was extraordinary Trek. And it feels unequivocally good to finally have good Trek behind on TV.


Like that impulse when Ash was removing examined by Dr. Culber and afterwards he only mislaid it since Culber got too tighten to a truth. Ash’s violation Culber’s neck was completely unexpected. we mean, we knew that Culber was uncovering too much, though Ash seemed during slightest partially still in control. we suspicion he competence hit out Culber, though not kill him. 🙁 When that happened, we literally yelled during a screen. we like Culber. we wasn’t prepared for that. My husband, meanwhile, was beside himself. It’s his birthday and he looked during a shade sadly, saying: “Well, this isn’t a really happy birthday anymore.” No, it’s not. And it’s unequivocally not a happy day for Stamets, who is so infirm that he couldn’t do anything to assistance a father that he loves so very, really much. It was heartbreaking. But it was also a good tract turn and it taught us that no one in this uncover is safe. And something astonishing can occur during any time.


This part remarkably churned amour and fear with humor. Sylvia Tilly is one of my favorite characters, and examination her get into a impression of Mirror Universe Captain Tilly was amazing. She became positively cruel (where did she come adult with some of that stuff?) Her behaving was mark on. Even when delivering her darkest lines, she still stammered a bit, her healthy self resplendent through. (And we desired saying a exchanges between her and Capt. Lorca, as he went from repelled to faraway by a Capt. Tilly situation.) we wish we get to see Mary Wiseman play her actual reflection star counterpart, since I’d adore to see her take on that role.

And threaded into all of this are a few additional mysteries, even over a Ash Tyler poser that’s front and center. We have Stamets’ story. He’s vague things about a house (could this be connected with a Faceless Emperor?) and has been totally broken by a Spore Drive. Is there any wish left for him? And we have a poser of Capt. Lorca. During a initial half of a season, there were hints that he competence be operative on his possess agenda. Some viewers suspicion something was off about him. I’m still wondering what will come of that. But now he’s stranded in an anguish booth, and if he had PTSD before, this is unequivocally not going to help. (By a way, do we remember who combined those anguish booths? We schooled all about it in Enterprise‘s “In A Mirror Darkly.” Those woe chambers were designed by a Mirror Universe versions of Malcolm Reed and Dr. Phlox.)

I’m shutting this examination with some advice: Before subsequent week, rewatch a two-parter “In A Mirror Darkly” from Enterprise. (You can find out how to watch it for giveaway in Heavy’s story here.) These episodes give we a behind story to a USS Defiant and a few other pivotal pieces of information about a reflection star that competence come in accessible before subsequent week. This is really relevant, because Enterprise takes place about 90 years before Discovery. Take a time to watch those episodes before subsequent week. You won’t bewail it.

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