State auditors list dual commentary for Monroe County PVA

February 1, 2018 - Finding Carter

Reports per a agreed-upon procedures rendezvous for skill gratefulness administrators in Hart and Monroe counties for a 2016-17 mercantile year were expelled Tuesday by State Auditor Mike Harmon’s office. 

The procedures achieved by a state auditor’s bureau were concluded on by a Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet, a Kentucky Department of Revenue and a PVA offices to establish if a offices’ finances and record-keeping are in order.

The PVA offices are obliged for a burden for orthodox grant profits and disbursements, including collateral cost disbursements, city supervision receipts, record keeping, and leases and contracts.

In a news per a agreed-upon procedures conducted for Monroe County PVA Louis Lee Carter’s office, a state auditor listed dual findings.

The initial was in courtesy to ledgers for profits and disbursements and a settlement of bank annals to books any month to establish if a amounts are accurate.

The state auditor settled a Carter’s bureau did not have a profits and disbursements ledger, though that a bureau does control monthly bank reconciliations and that a Jun 30, 2017 bank settlement was accurate.

The second anticipating was in courtesy to a comparison of a PVA final bill to tangible disbursements to establish if a bureau had overspent in any comment series.

The state auditor settled a PVA’s final bill was compared to tangible disbursements and it was detected that he had overspent in dual comment series.

In response to a findings, Carter pronounced there were no discrepancies in his office’s finances and that a module has been implemented to scold a issues detected by a state auditor.

“We’ve got a immature lady here in a bureau that flattering most handles all of a financial work, Glenda Lyon. She only does a illusory pursuit with it. we was good confident with a audit,” Carter said.

In a news per a agreed-upon procedures conducted for Hart County PVA Cindy Atwell, a state auditor listed no findings.

Atwell attributes her good news to years of knowledge and training “… and always determined to do a best pursuit we can and many years of bookwork and banking practice and other practice in training how to keep your annals like they should be kept.”

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