TCU quarterback position still not settled, Patterson says

July 12, 2016 - Finding Carter

Among a blazing topics of a day — and in Jul in North Texas there is no improved descriptor — TCU football manager Gary Patterson was fatiguing about maybe a many critical to college football want-to-knows.

Who is a successor to quarterback Trevone Boykin, a one-time All-Big 12 descent actor of a year now prepping for training stay with a Seattle Seahawks?

“I don’t know,” a manager pronounced on Tuesday to a lunchtime entertainment of business leaders and TCU ambassadors in a Champions Club during Amon G. Carter Stadium in an eventuality sponsored by a Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.

The dual heading possibilities — for now anyway — are, in alphabetical order, Texas AM youth send Kenny Hill and youth Foster Sawyer. Like dual years ago, a preference competence not be done until a week or maybe a day before a Horned Frogs’ deteriorate entrance on Sept. 3 opposite visiting South Dakota State, Patterson said.

The approach we decider quarterbacks is how does everybody else play around them. Do they get improved or do they get worse?

Gary Patterson

The final time a pursuit was open, dual years ago when Boykin kick out Matt Joeckel (coincidentally, also a send from Texas AM), many of a ostensible best speculators around a H2O cooler announced that Boykin’s days as a QB were over. Receiver was his future.

“The approach we decider quarterbacks is how does everybody else play around them. Do they get improved or do they get worse?” Patterson said. “That’s been my clarification of a good player: When he comes into a diversion does everybody else play better?”

Whoever emerges during quarterback will be heading a immature group seeking to reinstate holes in a descent line. The register contains usually 7 seniors, yet Patterson remarkable with guarantee that each one of TCU’s touchdown receptions in an extraordinary Alamo Bowl feat — a diversion now about as famed as a Alamo — were held by players returning this year.

Quarterback wasn’t a usually subject Patterson toyed with on Tuesday in a brief question-and-answer event with diners and reporters.

▪ Boykin was in city recently operative out during TCU. Patterson pronounced a QB’s detain in San Antonio during play week creates him a improved manager for any of TCU’s immature players. “Who would be a improved example?” Patterson said. “He knew when he screwed up. we usually told my partner to get him a train ticket. He knows a rules.”

▪ When it comes to Big 12 expansion, a manager reiterated his insusceptibility with a new twist. If it helps a Big 12 allege a group to a playoffs, great. “If it doesn’t, don’t.” If he was a sultan of a Big 12 in a stream 10-team configuration, Patterson pronounced he’d like to see a championship diversion usually if there were dual teams tied. If there’s an undefeated, undisputed champion, afterwards no.

TCU was 11-2 in 2015, a ninth time a Horned Frogs have won 11 games underneath Gary Patterson.

▪ As distant as a CFP playoff, a manager would like to see a inhabitant playoff extended to 6 or 8 teams with a initial turn on a initial week of December, a week now clinging to discussion championship games. Losers of those games could still go to play games while a winners would play a final 4 as they do now. League championship games are tied adult in TV contracts, he acknowledged. “If it’s about anticipating a inhabitant champion, that’s going to be as tighten as an answer as you’ll come” to creation it truly fair.

▪ He judges hotels on either a crushed potatoes are genuine and a peculiarity of a boiled chicken.

In a sign of how easy time can get divided from you, Patterson, 56, reflected quickly on a fact he is entering his 19th deteriorate during a school, including 3 seasons as Dennis Franchione’s defensive coordinator. Players in his initial comparison category in 1998 are now 40 and 41, he said.

“I’ve been lifting 18- 23-year-olds for a while. we would not wish that on a whole garland of you.”

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