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August 23, 2016 - Finding Carter

GRAYSON, KY (WSAZ)- A immature integrate with a baby on a approach got a uninformed start on Tuesday and they changed into a new home.

Just days before their move-in, a integrate lived on a streets in Carter County.

The new home and new life is all interjection to a assistance of a 15-year-old girl.

“It only done me so happy that they get to knowledge this and we get to be there with them by it all,” Colby Rice said.

Colby is a sophomore during East Carter High School. She’s a normal teen that plays soccer and takes AP classes.

Last week she had an thought to start assisting homeless people in a area.

“When she came to me with her thought that night, we didn’t know how we were going to do it. But we told her we would make it work,” Colby’s mom Lori said.

Colby and Lori both brought a thought to their church, were they eventually motionless to try and open a homeless preserve in Grayson.

But on Saturday, their skeleton were quick forwarded when they bumped into a immature homeless couple.

“It’s like God had sent them to me to assistance with all of this,” Colby pronounced about a couple.

Colby and her mom found a integrate on a side of a street. The lady was profound and a male was in unfortunate hunt of a job.

“They were on their approach to Morgantown, West Virginia to get a pursuit and a residence and one of a ladies that is assisting from a church pronounced if their peaceful to get on their feet in Morgantown than since can’t they start adult here,” Colby said.

After conference their story, Colby motionless to take a income she was going to spend on her homecoming dress and put a integrate in a hotel.

On Sunday, Colby and her church got orderly and motionless to lift adequate income to get a integrate a genuine house.

“I was so anxious to give them their initial house,” Colby said.

The residence has adequate room for a integrate and their baby on a way. The trusting mom spoke with WSAZ on Tuesday and pronounced they are so happy to finally be on their feet. She is holding time to take caring of herself since her baby is entrance in only a few brief weeks, and her father is anticipating work around a area.

After a knowledge of removing a homeless integrate off of a streets, Colby pronounced she’s vehement to try and assistance some-more homeless people in a future.

The teen has combined a Facebook page called 19:17 to widespread a word about her goal to assistance a homeless. The name “19:17” comes from a bible verse.

The teen pronounced we can revisit a page during https://www.facebook.com/proverbs.1917/ if we wish to present or keep updated on a couple’s new journey.

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