Teen Wolf, iZombie: a 4 US TV Shows Begging for Success in a UK

August 6, 2015 - Finding Carter

USA is home to some of a best TV shows around a world, however a infancy of them do not atmosphere in a UK notwithstanding viewers and time slots.


Teen Wolf opening slip – skill of MTV

Teen Wolf aired on MTV behind in Jun 2011 and is now roughly half approach nonetheless it’s 5th Season.

Teen Wolf follows categorical impression Scott McCall (Tyler Posey),who was bitten in a woods by an Alpha wolf, and a rest of his container including best crony Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien – The Maze Runner) and beta wolf Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry – Man of Steel) as they face a Supernatural plaguing their town, Beacon Hills.

Since a uncover began airing in 2011, it has turn a strike for MTV with millions tuning in for a final 4 years to view. However, it has formerly had adult and downs with viewers sliding.

Previously a initial dual seasons aired in a UK on Sky Living, however with no skeleton to replenish it for it’s third season, it is no longer means to be noticed in a UK.

If it were to come behind to a UK, it wouldn’t have to be aired on it’s prior channel, though could instead be aired on things such as MTV, Watch, – that now front a lights of Grimm – or E4 – home to other renouned american shows like Supernatural and The 100 (both The CW).

With a fan bottom Ghost Viewing it online and copiousness of accessible time slots, it would attain if it were to air.


Finding Carter opening method – skill of MTV

Finding Carter aired on MTV in 2014 and is now on a summer interregnum from it’s second deteriorate that is set to lapse in Oct 2015.

Finding Carter follows 16 year aged Carter Stevens (Kathryn Prescott – Skins UK) when she is reunited with her family after being kidnapped for 13 years. It shows how she tries wise into her new life with a family she fails to remember while still perplexing to strech her abductor who Carter still views as being her mother.

Despite a uncover being a strike with critics and it’s fan followings, many of a episodes have unsuccessful to strech 1 Million views. However, MTV have sole it to Australia.

An apparent channel choice would be a UK chronicle of MTV though another one would be for it to be bought by E4 that is home to other strike US shows as good as categorical expel member’s Kathryn Prescott’s mangle out TV show, Skins UK. E4 tends to be a channel that front a some-more teenage directed TV uncover that also underline things like underage celebration and drug use so I’m certain Finding Carter would fit right in.

With a fact that it will start airing in Australia and a already vast general fan base, MTV competence rethink about offered it to a UK.


The Fosters commander pretension slip – Property of ABC

The Fosters began airing on ABC Family behind in 2013 and is about to strech a midst deteriorate summer culmination of it’s third season.

The Fosters centers around The Adams-Foster family – Wives Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum), Stef’s biological son from a prior marriage, Brandon (David Lambert) and adoptive twins of 10 years, Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) and Jesus (Noah Centineo, Previously Jake T. Austin) who’s lives turn difficult when they move in a dual new members of a family, Callie Jacobs (Maia Mitchell) and her younger brother, Jude (Hayden Byerly).

It is a some-more still strike for ABC – home to bigger shows such as Pretty Little Liars and Revenge – nonetheless it has simply reached over 1 Million views ever part for a final dual years.

It is a pointed uncover that deals with topics such as abuse, drinking, teen sexuality and a encourage complement while also carrying light and heart warming moments.

The uncover is already broadcasted around a universe in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Brazil and Japan. Due to it being a strike around a world, sullen it would do good in a UK?


iZOMBiE is new to American screens, carrying usually begun airing this March, though it has already turn a strike for The CW, and will enter it’s second deteriorate this entrance October.

From a creator of Veronica Mars, iZOMBiE follows an ex-medical proprietor in Seattle called Liv Moore (Rose McIver) who now works in a morgue after being scratched during a vessel celebration that finished adult branch her into a Zombie. She now works alongside Seattle PD Detective, Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) and her boss, Dr Ravi Charkrabarti (Rahul Kohli), a usually chairman she shares for tip of being a Zombie with, to solve deaths by eating a smarts of a bodies that come into a morgue ensuing in her carrying flashbacks of their lives before black display their death.

Each part of a initial deteriorate reached during slightest 1.5 million views bar one that perceived 1.45, as good as one reaching roughly 3 million.

Yet to atmosphere in any nation though a US, a UK would be a initial general broadcaster.

iZOMBiE already has a following in a UK since of internet viewing, and with channels like E4, a uncover would be a hit.

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