The Carson Wentz damage changes zero for Eagles. And yet, it changes everything.

August 15, 2016 - Finding Carter

Carson Wentz won’t be on a use margin for a while after pang a hairline rib detonate in a preseason opener. (Chris Szagola/AP Photo)

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First and 10: Aug. 15

First: What a Wentz damage means for Eagles

1. A churned behind for Jimmy Garoppolo | 2. A rookie shines in Dallas
3. The L.A. return | 4. Goff’s shoulder status
5. Requiem for a Runningback | 6. Missed kicks meant some-more for rookies
7. Jameis Winston slims down | 8. Landry looking good for Dolphins
9. Saving Ryan Tannehill | 10. Bosa watch: Day … we forget


Carson Wentz’s damage changes 0 about a Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback dynamic.

And it changes everything.

The Eagles announced Saturday that Wentz, a cherished rookie selected second altogether in this year’s NFL draft, suffered a hairline rib detonate during Thursday’s preseason opener opposite a Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The timeline for Wentz’s lapse is misleading though a Eagles pronounced they’re carefree he will be behind before a finish of a preseason.

One doubt about a Eagles’ quarterback conditions entering a preseason was: What happens if Wentz looks superb and Sam Bradford doesn’t? The answer, during a time, seemed to be: Probably nothing, though it’d certain make things interesting.

Forget about that unfolding now.

Now a doubt becomes either Wentz’s damage will keep him from being a viable choice for a Eagles, generally early in a season, if Bradford struggles or gets hurt. Wentz already was confronting a substantial transition to a NFL from small-school football during North Dakota State. Now he will have to make that transition though many of a rookie-year muster season.

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The Eagles’ devise all along was to pierce along Wentz slowly, though any vigour to step in and play and furnish immediately as a rookie. Bradford was re-signed before he could leave in giveaway agency. He threw a unequivocally open though proxy rage pretension following a team’s trade adult to breeze Wentz. But Bradford ultimately rejoined a group in a offseason. The ideal unfolding for a Eagles stays that Bradford plays and plays good until Wentz is prepared to take over, whenever that is.

But how mostly do things go ideally in a NFL? Bradford has a story of injuries. Wentz’s substantial talent was clear during times on a training stay use field. He gave a team’s first-year coach, Doug Pederson, a unequivocally intriguing fallback plan, maybe for earlier rather than later, in box things went imperfectly. Instead, Wentz will find himself carrying to make adult for mislaid time.

The Eagles’ offseason merger of Chase Daniel, who was in Kansas City with Pederson when Pederson was an partner to Andy Reid, becomes even some-more poignant now. Daniel already competence have been Pederson’s Plan B during quarterback for this deteriorate and now, a contingency of that indeed being a box seem to have increased.

The Eagles will be Wentz’s group during some point. They didn’t make a blockbuster trade to pierce adult and get a quarterback who won’t play.

But a calendar for when that will spin a picturesque choice maybe has been pushed back.


1. Good and bad for Garoppolo: New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick faces a surprising charge of wanting to get not one though dual starting quarterbacks prepared for a season, with Jimmy Garoppolo set to take over while Tom Brady serves his four-game Deflategate suspension.

How Belichick will go about it will be fascinating.

The initial step was to have Brady lay out a preseason opener while Garoppolo played a initial half Thursday night opposite a New Orleans Saints. The formula were mixed.

The numbers looked flattering good — Garoppolo connected on 11 of 18 passes for 168 yards with parsimonious finish Rob Gronkowski and far-reaching receiver Julian Edelman among those fasten Brady in sitting out.

But 56 of Garoppolo’s flitting yards came when regulating behind James White incited a brief pitch into a prolonged gain. The New England offense sputtered in a game’s early going.

The Patriots, with a coaching necromancy of Belichick and descent coordinator Josh McDaniels, still get a advantage of a doubt that they’ll have Garoppolo prepared to be successful in a season’s early stages with a full element of receivers around him. But a opening preseason opening was reduction than flawless.

2. Prescott shines: It was another rookie quarterback who shined Saturday in L.A. That was a Cowboys’ Dak Prescott, who threw dual touchdown passes while completing 10 of 12 throws. Dallas funded Tony Romo from a game.

The Cowboys have been acid for a backup quarterback given Kellen Moore suffered a damaged ankle. They were related to Nick Foles after he was expelled by a Rams, though he sealed instead with a Chiefs. There has been conjecture about a probable trade for Cleveland’s Josh McCown.

Does Prescott’s effective preseason entrance change that equation? It shouldn’t. The Cowboys should get McCown if they can. Romo has had his damage issues in new years. And while McCown has his limitations, he is a maestro who has played good during times and substantially could win some games over a brief widen if forced into a Cowboys’ lineup this season.

3. L.A. return: Remember when one evidence opposite a NFL returning to Los Angeles was that people there had too many party options and wouldn’t support a team?

The some-more than 89,000 people who attended a Rams’ preseason opener Saturday opposite a Dallas Cowboys during a Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum seems to advise otherwise. Now it’s adult to a Rams to contend that power of seductiveness among their fans and make a league’s lapse to L.A. successful for some-more than one night.

4. Goff’s shoulder: The Rams funded rookie quarterback Jared Goff, a tip altogether collect in a NFL draft, from a second half Saturday since of tenderness in his left (non-throwing shoulder).

The Rams pronounced Goff’s damage was not serious. The same thing was pronounced primarily about Wentz’s damage before pain persisted for Wentz and he was sent to bear a CT scan, that suggested his hairline fracture. So a Rams contingency wish 0 changes for Goff.

There is a many improved probability for Goff to play immediately creation a probability of a reversal an even bigger deal.

5. ‘Requiem’ screening: Former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland has spent his summer as an novice during a Carter Center in Atlanta.

The past and benefaction joined for Borland, who late after one deteriorate with a 49ers since of warning over a intensity consequences of conduct injuries, when he helped to arrange a screening of a documentary film “Requiem for a Running Back” for this Thursday night during a Carter Center.

Director Rebecca Carpenter finished a film about her father Lew Carpenter, who was a 18th NFL actor to be diagnosed autopsy with a degenerative mind illness ongoing dire encephalopathy, or CTE.

Lew Carpenter played 10 seasons in a 1950s and ‘60s for a Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns and was an NFL manager for 3 decades. He played with Jim Brown; he played and coached for Vince Lombardi. Carpenter never was diagnosed with a concussion during his actor career, according to Rebecca Carpenter, notwithstanding his daughter being told about a time when he was knocked comatose during a practice.

“When we grew adult with him, he was unequivocally honeyed and he was unequivocally fun,” Rebecca Carpenter pronounced in a phone talk final week. “But there were times when he would fly off a hoop over something unequivocally stupid. I’m a mom, so we can describe to that feeling. But this was different.”

Her father gifted few slurring of his debate in his 60s. He had a staggered speed and “would do his 1,000-yard stare,” she said. He became withdrawn. He became so inattentive in his 70s, she was told by her sister who lived with him, that he had records all over his residence reminding him where things were.

The news of her father’s genocide in 2010 apropos open led a family to accept a call from researchers during Boston University. That constructed a CTE diagnosis.

“When they told me that my father had this illness that Mike Webster had, we was unequivocally mad,” Rebecca Carpenter said. “I didn’t trust them.”

She contacted another consultant who reliable a finding. That led to an heated oddity that became, she acknowledges, an mania about her father’s disease. A crony assured her that she had to make a film.

The initial financing came from $20,000 she’d saved as a predicament fund, a jump of faith for a newly divorced singular mother. She after sole her residence and used a income on a film, going to live with her husband-to-be.

“I was going on a wing and a request that this matrimony would work out,” she said.

It did. So, too, did a film, that was finished in March.

“I’m a daughter of a former NFL actor and coach,” Carpenter said. “There is one approach to do a pursuit and that’s a right way. we had to do it a right way.”

Her stream perspective of a competition is complicated, she said.

“Football is a best thing that ever happened to us,” she said. “My father was a bad kid. He came from nothing. He was not going to have a unequivocally large life or a unequivocally protected life. Football gave me a amicable capital. It taught me discipline, excellence, leave it all on a field, know your truth. we went to an Ivy League school. we have dual master’s degrees. How could we hatred a thing that was a car for all of these things to happen?

“Now, let me also contend it is rapist for children in misery to have to crash their heads until they’re zombies as their avenue. I’m articulate about middle city misery or farming poverty. It’s their way, their avenue. If we had a son, he would get nowhere nearby a football margin unless he was dating a cheerleader.”

Thursday’s screening is during 7 p.m. and is giveaway and open to a public. The screening will be followed by a row contention featuring Carpenter, Borland and Chris Nowinski, a executive executive of a Concussion Legacy Foundation.

6. Missed kick: A missed additional indicate in a preseason opener is not a quite large deal. But it is rather suggestive when it comes from a rookie kicker only taken in a second spin of a draft.

So it went for a Buccaneers’ Roberto Aguayo. He never missed an additional indicate while in college during Florida State, though he missed his initial preseason NFL additional indicate Thursday. Aguyao did bond on a 38-yard margin idea in a game.

There is a bit of a transition for kickers, generally with a NFL’s now-longer additional point. But Aguayo’s skip couldn’t have been quite calming to any Buccaneers supporters wondering either a team’s use of a second-round preference on a kicker will spin out to be justified.

7. Winston’s weight: Buccaneers coaches were gay that quarterback Jameis Winston remade his physique after his rookie season. Some estimates have put Winston’s weight detriment during 18 to 20 pounds. Whatever a scold number, he is noticeably some-more sculpted than he was as a rookie.

“He talked about it months ago when he went out to a Pro Bowl and saw a other quarterbacks and what they demeanour like, how they took caring of their body,” descent coordinator Todd Monken said. “That’s a credit to him… and what he wanted to spin and a actor he wants to become.”

Said quarterbacks manager Mike Bajakian: “Jameis is a unequivocally tough workman and for a initial time in his life, he had an offseason to unequivocally concentration in where he was not carrying to play baseball. He knew it. He knew he had to get it done. And he did a good pursuit of doing what he indispensable to do.”

Winston pronounced final week he is seeking to urge “everything” about his diversion in Year 2. Monken, a former conduct manager during Southern Miss brought in to reinstate Dirk Koetter as descent coordinator when Koetter was promoted to conduct manager to reinstate a dismissed Lovie Smith, pronounced a rest of a Buccaneers’ offense contingency do a partial to assist Winston’s development.

“I consider Dirk and Coach Bajakian have finished a good pursuit of framing what he needs to do to continue to improve,” Monken said. “We need to urge around him. We need to be some-more trained in terms of a route-running and assistance him there. We need to continue to be means to run a football, that puts us in good position on third downs.

“I consider a initial year we spend training a offense and you’re scrambling. Everything is negligence down [now]. You can see it. We’re creation a lot some-more of a easy plays, not creation them demeanour difficult. That’s a biggest partial is all is starting to delayed down and now we can unequivocally concentration on a things you’ve got to get improved at.”

Monken pronounced “without question” a Buccaneers have a pieces in place to have a prolific offense and a winning team.

“We’ve got a good iota of players to continue to build and continue to grow,” he said.

8. Landry’s numbers: Wide receiver Jarvis Landry was unequivocally good for a Miami Dolphins final deteriorate as a second-year pro. He had 110 catches for 1,157 yards and 4 touchdowns and was named to a Pro Bowl.

Adam Gase, Miami’s first-year conduct coach, has oral of Landry being even improved this season. Landry pronounced he finds those difference by Gase meaningful, given a kind of prolongation that far-reaching receivers in Denver and Chicago had with Gase as an descent coordinator.

“It means a lot, generally entrance from Coach Gase with him being around guys like Demaryius Thomas, Alshon Jeffery, Eric Decker, Emmanuel Sanders,” Landry pronounced final week. “To have a payoff to hear him contend that about me, it speaks volumes. One of a things that I’ve told Coach Gase and him entrance here is, ‘I’m all in, man. I’m behind you. Anything we need me to do, I’m peaceful to do.’ ”

Landry pronounced he was an suitor of Gase’s offense with a Broncos.

“I knew that he loves to pitch a round some-more than he likes to admit, we guess,” Landry said. “But during a same time, we accepted that only examination when he was in Denver, how a round changed around from man to guy.”

Working with Gase, Landry said, has given him an appreciation of what goes into bringing about such descent efficiency.

“I consider a thing that astounded me a many is only a detail…. Just a fact and a assignments — he puts a lot into each play as distant as detail, your job. For him to get there and learn it to us and mangle it down like no one ever knew football, like we never knew football, he’s a good teacher. It’s authorised us to come out here and play as quick as we are.”

Landry spent a offseason training in Miami with some flattering decent far-reaching receivers, Odell Beckham Jr. and Antonio Brown.

Of Brown, Landry said: “He’s been around a diversion a while. He’s carrying success. we urge continued success for him. But only examination him work, saying his work ethic, saying a small sum of a palm movement, a tip of a route. [It’s] only small things that can assistance me potentially be one of best receivers in this game.”

9. Tannehill’s sacks: Gase clearly is vigilant on creation certain a Dolphins quell a series of times that quarterback Ryan Tannehill is sacked.

Tannehill has been sacked 184 times in 4 seasons, including a high of 58 times in 2013.

The Dolphins seem focused on regulating many plays with short, quick-hitting passes to get a football out of Tannehill’s hands. It will be engaging to see how that goes over in a land of Marino. Gase was questioned by reporters one day final week about how many down-field flitting will be incorporated into a offense. The Dolphins will take their shots down a margin in a flitting game, Gase pledged.

“There’s a time and a place,” Gase said. “But there’s also a time and a place not to get sacked 60 times in a year, too.”

The NFL has spin a joining of passes 10 yards and shorter, Gase said, since a pass rushers are so good. The Dolphins’ offense in 2016 many expected will simulate that.

“The whole league’s 10 yards and under,” he said. “I mean, that’s what it is. Nobody’s going down a margin like that. There’s one group that does it, really. Maybe two: Pittsburgh and Arizona. They reason onto a round and they pitch it down a field. But some-more teams than not, it’s 10 yards and under. That’s where all a flitting diversion is. The [defensive] ends are too good. But if we wish to mount behind there and have your quarterback get his smarts kick out, go during it.”

10. Bosa’s absence: Rookie pass rusher Joey Bosa’s deficiency from a San Diego Chargers since of a agreement stand-off has gotten ridiculous.

Lengthy and warlike sets of agreement negotiations mostly have been finished a thing of a past in a NFL, interjection to a rookie compensate complement that went into outcome with a 2011 common negotiate agreement. Most teams pointer their rookies fast and painlessly. Apparently no one told a Chargers.

There is censure to go around in this, though many of it seems to rest with a Chargers. Other teams conduct to get deals finished with their rookies. The issues that sojourn — like a deferred remuneration of some reward income and equivalent denunciation that lessens a team’s financial weight if a actor is expelled and signs elsewhere — are not poignant adequate that they should bluster to revoke a chances of Bosa next as a rookie.

The Chargers should have gotten a understanding finished with Bosa prolonged ago. It’s inexcusable that they haven’t gotten it finished during this point.

This is a year that will establish a franchise’s destiny in San Diego, with a stadium-funding opinion arriving and a group possessing an choice to join a Rams in Inglewood, Calif. Perhaps a feel-good deteriorate by a Chargers would have some impact on a outcome of a vote.

The group is not accurately giving a sense that all probable is being finished to pierce that about.

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