‘The Consequences of Longing’

November 4, 2015 - Finding Carter

If this uncover teaches us anything, it’s that being a teen is hard. You’re insecure. You’re not certain what we wish out of life. You don’t have adequate freedom. You don’t have adequate guidance. There are so many emotions! (You get a picture.)

But also, it teaches us to never, EVER, let a frat child “refill” your splash during a party. Seriously. Remember that one.

The Teenage World
Thankfully for Carter, Jared’s dignified compass is a bit skewed, so nonetheless they’re no longer a couple, he’s still permitting a 17-year-old to work during his bar. If all she has to protest about right now is removing a wordless treatment, afterwards she should unequivocally stop complaining.

But since Carter can’t go some-more than 5 mins though another outrageous problem, she witnesses Ben messing with a credit label reader during a bar. In other words, he’s tech savvy, though he’s also dumb. we meant honestly. Did we unequivocally confirm to do this while Carter is here?

However, Ben claims that he’s not inspiring a bar’s bottom line since a bank covers any losses. Then he pulls a classical loving pierce of melancholy his sister not to disaster with him. Siblings are fun.

Speaking of siblings, Carter’s good sibling, Taylor, is make-up for a impending students weekend during a circuitously college. She’s going with Damon and Gabe, that leads her to tell Max all about Gabe’s feelings for her. But don’t worry, Max is literally a many chill and forgiving – cough, Crash — teen to ever exist. Max is all “I can’t unequivocally censure him for being into you. As prolonged as he’s a usually one doing a feeling, I’m cool.” But is he really? More on that later.

Back during a bar, Carter is perplexing to assistance devise this week’s soap-box when she decides to rodent Ben out … though unequivocally ratting Ben out. She tells Jared that a credit label reader “looks different.” It’s a intelligent pierce until a pissed off Ben goes to Elizabeth and informs her that her daughter is operative during a bar.

So yeah, it takes about 3 mins for Elizabeth to get in her automobile and find Carter during work. For some reason, Jared admits that he knows Carter’s age — she’s a cop, dude — though Carter assures her mom that it’s all her error since she has a feign I.D. And yet, when given an other event to rodent out Ben, this time for creation feign I.D.s, Carter once again proves she’d do unequivocally good in jail by gripping her mouth shut.

As for Elizabeth, she apparently wants Carter to quit. But since she’s Carter, she refuses. And to supplement on to a drama, Carter calls David and asks for his assistance on a situation. She also afterwards informs him that, interjection to their visit, Ben and Lori upheld a amicable workman visit. (Yeah, Elizabeth only overheard all of this.)

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