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May 8, 2016 - Finding Carter

STUTTGART, Germany — After a Navy SEAL died in Iraq final week in an Islamic State attack, Defense Secretary Ash Carter was discerning to accost him as a soldier who “died in combat.”

An sea away, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest offering a opposite take. While characterizing Carter’s remarks as “accurate,” Earnest pronounced Special Warfare Officer 1st Class Charles Keating IV “was not in a quarrel mission, yet he was in a dangerous place.”

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The twin reactions to a latest U.S. misadventure in a Middle East demonstrated once again that President Barack Obama and his some-more hawkish invulnerability secretary aren’t totally in sync on a quarrel opposite a Islamic State of Iraq and a Levant, a quarrel a White House is perplexing to downplay if not constrain.

Carter’s worldview puts him some-more in line with Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton than with Obama — and several analysts pronounced Carter could be in a using to sojourn in his post should Clinton win in November, during slightest for a time. Others shot down a awaiting as unlikely.

By all accounts, though, Carter is now in his dream job, a apex of a career during a Pentagon that began in a early 1980s when he was a physicist operative on arch weapons issues. And his standing as Obama’s fourth Pentagon arch — a White House roughly positively wants to equivocate carrying a fifth — gives him some room to interest out positions that competence be some-more in line with a intensity subsequent administration than a stream one.

During a year he has reason a post, a 61-year-old Carter has publicly staked out a many assertive position of anyone now in a Obama administration on what some-more it will take to wring control of ISIL’s domain in Iraq and Syria — including some-more advisers and special operations infantry to assistance Iraqi confidence army and other alies to seize and reason on to ISIL strongholds in Mosul and Raqqa in Syria.

That perspective aligns him closely with a some-more contentious former secretary of state, who during Obama’s initial tenure was a clever voice for infantry movement in Libya — and, as a presidential candidate, in Syria, where she has called for a no-fly zone.

“She tends to take a stronger view, along with [former Defense Secretary Robert] Gates, on some of these things, so we would contend Carter’s views are really consistent,” pronounced Arnold Punaro, a invulnerability consultant and former staff executive of a Senate Armed Services Committee who has tighten ties to Carter, including as a member of his Defense Business Board.

Carter also has aged ties to a Clintons: His initial domestic appointment to a Pentagon in a 1990s came from then-President Bill Clinton, and he contributed to Hillary Clinton’s presidential debate in 2007 before switching to Obama after he clinched a nomination.

“Certainly all presidents wish a well-spoken transition,” Punaro said. “There are advantages to carrying some pivotal people stay on, even if it’s only a small while.”

Jacques Gansler, who was a Pentagon’s tip merger central underneath Bill Clinton, pronounced he would “certainly list” Carter among Hillary Clinton’s intensity picks for invulnerability secretary.

“I consider that Ash would be a good one for Clinton given apparently he was there for Bill,” Gansler said. “She’s kind of hardline, and we consider he’s going to wish to strengthen a confidence posture.”

Others pronounced new presidents like to purify residence — and that Obama’s preference to keep Gates, a holdover from a Bush administration, was a singular exception, not a rule.

“It’s not gonna happen,” one administration official, vocalization on a condition of anonymity, pronounced of a probability of Carter adhering around underneath Clinton. A former comparison invulnerability official, also vocalization on a condition of anonymity, pronounced Clinton would substantially “want to make her possess choice.”

Both sources pronounced Michèle Flournoy, a former undersecretary of invulnerability for process who runs a Center for a New American Security, would be a transparent front-runner to helm a Pentagon if Clinton wins in November. Other possibilities they listed were Democratic Sens. Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire.

Gates himself, in his 2014 memoir, wrote that Obama’s preference to keep him was “uncharted waters.” There was “no precedent, given a origination of a Defense Department in 1947, for a sitting secretary to stay on in a newly inaugurated administration, even when a same celebration reason on to a White House,” Gates wrote, describing a tip assembly with then-president-elect Obama during a firehouse nearby Reagan National Airport in Northern Virginia.

Carter and Clinton have both been pulling for a some-more robust response to ISIL.

For her part, Clinton has called for some-more U.S. special operations army to Iraq and Syria and a stepped-up bombing campaign.

And Carter has regularly pronounced he’s looking for ways to do more.

The Pentagon arch trafficked to Europe final week to secure some-more contributions from allies to a quarrel opposite ISIL. His tough speak extends over a Middle East.

In a change-of-command rite for a U.S. European Command, he had clever difference for Russia — a nation he has been study given his early days in a Pentagon during a Cold War opposite a Soviet Union.

“We do not find a cold, let alone a prohibited quarrel with Russia. We do not find to make Russia an enemy,” Carter said. “But make no mistake, we will urge a allies, a rules-based general order, and a certain destiny it affords us.”

The Pentagon arch has prolonged been famous for his hawkish views within a Democratic establishment, famously job in 2006 for preemptive, targeted strikes opposite North Korea if it continued scheming for a exam launch of a long-range ballistic missile. In 2011, as a emissary to afterwards Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Carter helped press Panetta’s box to leave some U.S. infantry in Iraq — a box that perceived pushback from Obama’s White House and was eventually unsuccessful, as Panetta chronicled in his possess 2014 memoir.

“One of a good uncertainties is how most domestic support Carter has in a administration,” Anthony Cordesman of a Center for Strategic and International Studies pronounced of Carter’s efforts to ratchet adult a debate opposite ISIL. “He is a secretary of defense. Has he been a voice for a stronger and some-more effective infantry posture? Yes.”

“I consider he’s substantially one of a some-more outspoken advocates in a White House on anticipating ways to dial it up,” combined Shawn Brimley, a executive clamp boss and executive of studies during a Center for a New American Security. “Secretary Carter and others feel that we can do more.”

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