The Hidden Clue That Revealed — Months Ago — ‘Carter’ Has Another Brother

July 18, 2015 - Finding Carter

Yup, she did it again.

We’d totally suspected that Lori would lift nonetheless another attempt during a summer culmination of “Finding Carter,” and partner didn’t disappoint. In a really final stage of this week’s part — when a abduction mom was in justice trying to win custody of Carter — Lori’s profession introduced a large immature declare named Benjamin Wallace.

“Would we greatfully tell a jury your tie to a defendant?” a counsel asked.

“Lori Stevens is my biological mother,” Ben stated.

“And who, for a record, is your biological father?” a profession continued.

Ben’s reply: “David Wilson.”


We’ll acknowledge it: While we entirely approaching Lori had some-more tricks adult her sleeve, we never, ever suspected that her one-night mount with David might have constructed a son. But theory what? At slightest one chairman did. And we might have too if we held a pointed idea from a stage that aired progressing this season. Let’s reminisce, shall we? It all went down when Carter attended a propagandize satisfactory with Crash and, in between fair games and string candy, motionless to revisit a tarot reader. After a 3 sat down, a visionary middle began examining Carter’s cards. Then…well, see for yourself:

[ video taken on this device ]

Did we hear that? TWO brothers! And to think, Carter indeed scoffed during a tarot reader, even explanation a lady she “probably gives a same reading to everybody who comes in here.” (Okay, we’ll acknowledge it: We always scoffed during tarot readers too. Until now.)

So tell us: Did we locate that “Finding Carter” clue, or were we totally held off-guard — like us! — by Lori’s latest revelation? Even some-more importantly, how do we consider a bombshell will impact a Wilson family? Tell us all your theories in a comments section, and get prepared for (much) some-more play when “Finding Carter” earnings in October!

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