The Latest ‘Finding Carter’ Twist: Lori Is After Taylor Too

March 28, 2015 - Finding Carter

After weeks of plotting, shaping and stealing out beneath a reliable ball cap, Lori Stevens reached her ultimate idea on a “Finding Carter” Season 1 finale: She stole behind her daughter — or, during least, a lady she’d kidnapped and lifted as her own. It seemed as if it’d be adequate to finally prove a fugitive, though in a eight-minute hide look of a Season 2 premiere, we schooled Lori had miles to go before she’d sleep.

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In a preview, Carter, who’d been unperceiving by Lori in a preceding episode, comes to, though even after convalescent consciousness, Lori’s skeleton sojourn totally unclear. In a dim hotel room, Lori insists she’s got all underneath control and that clarity will come, though Carter — understandably — isn’t assured and presses a lady she once believed was her mom for information on what a destiny holds.

Finally, in a clip, Lori moves to chaperon Carter into a sedan, though Carter final some-more information on where she skeleton to go and why.

“We’re going to get Taylor,” Lori reveals with a ominous smile. And after a differing view — that Lori skeleton to take Carter’s twin sister too — registers, Carter sprints away. What could Lori presumably wish with Carter’s sister, and because is reuniting with Carter — that has evidently been Lori’s solitary design — unexpected not adequate to slake her?

Whaddya consider — is there a whole new story to tell? Share your thoughts, be certain to balance in to a “Finding Carter” Selfie Marathon this Saturday and locate a Season 2 premiere Tuesday night during 10/9c!

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