This new Riverdale impression will means "trouble" for Betty and Jughead in deteriorate 2

July 30, 2017 - Finding Carter

Riverdale‘s much-anticipated second season has recruited nonetheless another expel member – and it looks like she’s going to spell difficulty for Betty and Jughead’s relationship.

Coming true from a Archie Comics, Toni Topaz will join deteriorate dual when it front in October.

She will be played by American singer Vanessa Morgan, who has formerly had roles in The Shannara Chronicles, Finding Carter and Degrassi.

And showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has pronounced her attainment could means problems for everyone’s favourite Riverdale integrate Jughead and Betty.

Hmmm. As if they didn’t have enough deteriorate dual problems already

“Toni Topaz is a impression who was combined on a small some-more recently in a comic books and she’s always been very, really vivacious, sparkling and a bit of a disrupter,” Roberto told Entertainment Tonight.

“She really famously has as vast an ardour for hamburgers as Jughead Jones.

“In a Riverdale chronicle of this character, she’s going to be a tyro during Southside High. She’s going to be a member of a Southside Serpents and she’s going to be a crony and playmate to Jughead Jones.”

So what does her attainment meant for Jughead, who is now a Southside High tyro himself?

“Bughead is flattering strong, and flattering undeniable, and flattering epic, though we know even a many epic of romances has difficulty – and difficulty mostly comes as a third party,” he added.

“So yes, it is fathomable that Toni will potentially exam a boundary of Bughead.”

In a comics, Toni is bisexual, that Roberto has pronounced will also be explored in a series.

So maybe it isn’t Jughead erratic we should be disturbed about after all…

Riverdale earnings to The CW on Oct 11.

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