TMI: Do we remember Duron Carter’s 1st CFL TD?

September 2, 2017 - Finding Carter

Duron Carter remembers his initial CFL touchdown like it happened yesterday.

It was behind in 2013, his rookie season, when Carter was still a member of a Montreal Alouettes. It was during a same indicate in a deteriorate as we are right now, Week 11, and a Alouettes were holding on a Toronto Argonauts.

Tanner Marsh tossed a pass to Carter who out-ran Pat Watkins and pacifist into a finish section for a score.

Let’s all relive a impulse together, shall we?


Now, as a member of a Saskatchewan Roughriders, Carter is still anticipating ways make large plays.

We all remember his one-handed locate a few weeks ago, right? Or any one of those absurd catches done in parsimonious coverage?

Maybe a sorcery comes from a Snickers he cooking before each diversion or maybe it’s since he usually wears one span of socks. Whatever it is, keep doing what we do, Duron, since we’re amatory each notation of it.

Get to know a small bit some-more about Carter off a margin in this book of TMI!

Kristina Costabile: Tell me something fans competence not know about you.

Duron Carter: we trust that a Earth is flat.

KC: What do we like to do in your giveaway time?

DC: I play a lot of video games and we review about swindling theories.

KC: What is on your pre-game play list?

DC: Anything Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is my favourite rapper.

KC: If we were stranded on a forlorn island, that one of your teammates would we move with you?

DC: It would substantially be Peter Dyakowski. He’s a smartest guy. He knows everything. You could ask him any doubt and he knows a answer. He would really be a many profitable man if we was stranded on an island. (Editors note: Henoc Muamba also pronounced he’d move Pete. Popular guy!)

KC: What are 3 things you’d move with we to that island?

DC: we would move a pester spinner, a blade and a butterfly net. we hatred bugs.

KC: If we weren’t a football player, what would we be doing?

DC: I’d be an actor. we wish to be in Hollywood and be a subsequent Denzel Washington.


KC: What is your favourte football memory?

DC: My favourite football memory is really my initial CFL touchdown. It was my initial touchdown in 4 years. My initial CFL touchdown as a rookie was my initial touchdown in a while and that’s substantially my many noted experience. It was opposite Toronto and a cornerback was Pat Watkins. we remember it like it was yesterday!

KC: Do we have any superstitions or routines we have to do before a game?

DC: we always eat a Snickers. we can usually have on one span of socks. we have to cut a garland of hosiery to make them demeanour how we wish to since we can usually have one on my feet. It’s weird. It only feels weird.

KC: What is your guilty pleasure song?

DC: That Rihanna song! Love on a Brain!

KC: What uncover are we binge examination right now?

DC: we binge watch everything! What I’m  watching right now is Game of Thrones. I’ve been vouchsafing Game of Thrones go for a few weeks so I’m going to finish Game of Thrones today, we only reminded me. (Editors note: You’re welcome., Duron.)

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