TVLine’s Performer of a Week: Kathryn Prescott

May 30, 2015 - Finding Carter

THE PERFORMER | Kathryn Prescott

THE SHOW | Finding Carter

THE EPISODE | “I Knew You Were Trouble” (May 26)

THE PERFORMANCE | One of a brightest immature actresses on television, Prescott has always helped set MTV’s Finding Carter detached from a teen-drama herd. And in Tuesday’s episode, simply a sophomore series’ many harrowing hour to date, a London-born singer delivered her many regretful one-two punch yet.

The initial punch came during Carter’s heart-rending revisit to a psych ward, where her biological mother/kidnapper Lori remained uncharacteristically stoic as a unfortunate Carter pleaded for her to say, “I adore we more.” The assembly has never been wholly certain where Carter stands with Lori, partially since of a character’s possess uncertainty, though mostly since Prescott excels during concealing Carter’s full regretful deck. So to see her totally implode, her mouth waving uncontrollably as her voice burst in all a right places, was roughly overwhelming.

The second, and distant some-more unexpected, punch came after Carter’s post-visit hookup with Max, her best friend… and her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Hardly any difference were spoken, though a flurry of confusion, shame, bewail and ubiquitous depletion swirling in Carter’s mind came opposite so clearly, Prescott competence as good have been screaming true during a camera.

Like her character, who was forced to grow adult overnight when she schooled that her whole life has been a lie, Prescott possesses abilities distant over her years.

Orphan Black Paul DiesHONORABLE MENTION | It’s never easy to see a favorite impression die, though it’s generally formidable when their portrayer knocks their final scenes out of a park. On Saturday’s Orphan Black, Dylan Bruce did only that as Paul done a ultimate scapegoat in sequence to do a implicitly right thing. Whether it was his pointed though impactful admission of regretful fondness to Sarah (“It was never Beth we loved”) or his weeping defence to Dr. Coady (“Cure them, Virginia. Drop a rest”), Dylan had us choking adult during a thought of losing Paul — and only as we were finally removing to know a good man underneath.

Performer of a WeekHONORABLE MENTION | When we initial encountered Chris Diamantopoulos‘ Russ Hanneman in Sunday’s Silicon Valley, a Pied Piper’s deep-pocketed moneyman — carrying only schooled that his net value had strew a comma — seemed definitely defeated. His heading cockiness and brag transposed with piety and regret. Thankfully, Russ gifted a revenue-generating epiphany and fast snapped back into a hilariously over-the-top Techmanian Devil we have come to know and love, and Diamantopoulos has clearly relished playing. Watching Russ open and tighten his sedan’s walking doorway as a means to demonstrate to layman Richard a difference between being a millionaire and a billionaire was a thing of physical-comedy beauty. It also drove home a fact that Diamantopoulos’ career is on full throttle.

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