Two Women Say Vernon Man Ran A Scam Through Fake Non-Profit Organization

March 4, 2017 - Finding Carter

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. – Two women in Bay and Washington Counties pronounced they’ve been scammed out of thousands of dollars by a male who claimed to do good deeds.

Amy Cooper and Patty Ward pronounced 52-year-old Timothy Carter from Vernon was formulation to run a preservation store.

However a preservation store would never open, and he has given disappeared.

The due preservation store was partial of his non-profit organization, ‘Helping Hands Ministries’, to keep expelled convicts out of prison. 

In late January, Carter stood before internal representatives Rep. Brad Drake, and Sen. George Gainer in Washington County and was pleading for assistance to account re-entry programs.

“If we could assistance one person, from going down a trail that we went down, it’d be value it,” pronounced Carter.

Carter had been in and out of jail for thirty years, and pronounced he founded ‘Helping Hands Ministries’- an classification to assistance expelled inmates.

Carter had afterwards reached out to Cooper.

Cooper is now 7 years sober, and for a past 5 years she has been handling her possess module ‘Faith during a Beach’.

Cooper spent time in sovereign jail on drug charges and started her life over meditative that she could assistance others too.

“He pronounced listen, I’m opening adult a preservation store. How about we work together we can present some of your items. I’ll be honest, we know it sounded great,” pronounced Cooper.

Cooper pronounced she donated $80,000 value of merchandise, including garments and hangers.

But afterwards a partnership would strech a snag.

“The movers, who had changed him contacted me, and they pronounced Ms. Cooper we’re carrying a problem anticipating Mr. Carter. And we was like, what are we articulate about, and he pronounced he gave us bad funds,” pronounced Cooper. 

According to Patty Ward, those bad supports came from her checks.

She was Carter’s partner during a time, and she pronounced she didn’t know about a checks.

“The final check we wrote was numbered twelve, like twelve hundred and something, and a ones that he wrote was 13-hundred and something. So he had got about dual or 3 checkbooks past where we was at.”

Ward pronounced she final listened from Carter in Pensacola.

“I hatred a fact that a actions of one male can means so many people who unequivocally need assistance to remove out since of his ill mind,” pronounced Ward.

“It’s taken me a back, it’s harm me. You know harm me in my heart and my soul, since this also affects people who might be wish to assistance others in a future,” pronounced Cooper.   

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office pronounced they will ensue with an investigation, once Cooper provides them a justification they need.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office pronounced they’re questioning those bad checks done from Cooper, and charges are tentative depending on a outcome of a investigation.

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