UNLV’s new manager might leave for Texas Tech after only 2 weeks, though there’s a good reason

April 14, 2016 - Finding Carter

Less than a week after being rigourously introduced as UNLV’s conduct coach, Chris Beard became a tip claimant to take a same pursuit during Texas Tech. The former Tech partner cropped adult on a Red Raiders’ radar after Tubby Smith left Lubbock for Memphis. While a reported $1 million buyout stands in a way, there’s still a possibility Beard’s reign in Las Vegas goes down in story alongside Rollie Massimino’s zero-game army with a New Jersey Nets as a famous never-was.

So how did we get here, and what does it meant for Beard, UNLV, and Texas Tech going forward?

Why UNLV done clarity for Chris Beard after a NCAA Tournament

Beard was one of a hottest names among rising coaches after his Arkansas-Little Rock organisation dissapoint fifth-seeded Purdue in a opening turn of a NCAA Tournament. The longtime partner manager had worked his approach adult from a ABA and a span of Division II jobs before earning a ambience of Mar Madness in his initial deteriorate with a Trojans. That rising standing sent UNLV pursuit after a Runnin’ Rebels fired conduct manager Dave Rice behind on Jan 10.

That banishment waved a white dwindle on UNLV’s season, though it also gave a module a conduct start on anticipating a new coach. News pennyless that the university hired Beard on Mar 27, a same day Pittsburgh hired Kevin Stallings and several days before programs like Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, and Memphis could find new conduct coaches.

The Rebels offering Beard several amenities Little Rock couldn’t. UNLV boasts a inhabitant championship ensign in a rafters, 20 NCAA Tournament appearances, and an NBA tube that includes players like Shawn Marion, Larry Johnson, and former No. 1 altogether collect Anthony Bennett. The organisation consistently produces top-50 recruiting classes, and with a repute set as a basketball school, a university’s courtesy — and a appropriation that comes with it — would safeguard Beard’s standing as an jaunty priority. With a register piled high with chosen recruits, any manager who could keep this organisation together could find success in Las Vegas.

Except …

No one stranded around, and now UNLV is screwed

If Beard departs for Lubbock, UNLV would face a three-plus month widen during that they’ve had a permanent conduct manager for reduction than dual weeks. Bringing in an impact sinecure this late in a routine won’t be easy. The organisation tried and unsuccessful to captivate Cincinnati’s Mick Cronin to a university before settling on Beard. The pool of accessible possibilities has usually narrowed given then.

Beard’s preference is usually a latest in a trend of high-profile departures from impiety city. Five-star core Stephen Zimmerman declared for a NBA Draft on a same day reports pennyless a news Beard was hired. He spent usually one deteriorate during UNLV. The team’s heading scorer, Patrick McCaw, also motionless to join him. Four-star brazen Derrick Jones Jr., uninformed off being announced incompetent to play by a NCAA, threw his name in a breeze pool as well.

Another five-star recruit, Dwayne Morgan, announced he’d send to a propagandize closer to his Baltimore home behind in March. On Apr 11, Jordan Cornish told reporters he’d be withdrawal as well. One day later, news pennyless that rising youth Ben Carter may use a connoisseur transfer to equivocate being a final rodent on a Rebels’ falling ship.

Between graduations, transfers, and early entries to a NBA Draft, UNLV will remove all though 4 players from a stream roster. That’s scarcely 80 percent of a team’s sum mins from 2015-16. That’s over 90 percent of a team’s scoring. And while assistance might be on a approach interjection to four-star recruits Jaylen Fisher and Justin Jackson, there’s no pledge they’ll respect those commitments when they see a Rebel register that resembles a bombed-out WWI ditch this summer.

Beard was operative to tack adult a gaping wounds in his roster. He had targeted several intensity send players to assistance overpass a opening between a dour benefaction and a moneyed future.

Dave Rice valid we can captivate recruits to Las Vegas, and that proof relates to send students as well. However, that’s a refuge resolution for a critical rubbing problem. Now, UNLV might not usually need a new coach, it might need to find a claimant peaceful to captain a finish reconstruct in Nevada.

Why Texas Tech, specifically, is a improved fit for Chris Beard

It’s transparent Texas Tech is an ascent from UNLV, if usually for a fast register conditions alone. Beard would get a register that will usually connoisseur dual players after an NCAA Tournament coming while maintaining a many fit scorers. He’ll also get to manager in a vital discussion and acquire a vital paycheck while doing so. If Beard creates a same annual income as his prototype — $1,811,300 — he’ll scarcely double a Rebels’ offer. However, a pursuit has interest over usually a apparent perks.

Beard has low ties to a Red Raiders. He spent 10 seasons in Lubbock as a team’s associate conduct manager underneath Bobby Knight. He was there for 4 NCAA Tournament appearances in 6 seasons. He’s seen firsthand what it takes to win during Texas Tech. While he was on a sideline, a organisation won some-more than 57 percent of a games. Since his departure, that symbol has forsaken to usually underneath 41 percent.

Beard also put down roots during those 10 years in northwestern Texas. That’s where his 3 daughters live. Those family ties go a prolonged approach in offered an already appealing event to a rising conduct coach.

As Fran Fraschilla notes, a $1 million buyout won’t be a jump for Beard. That’s income Texas Tech can means to spend, generally if a university can sell boosters on a homecoming of a program’s excessive son.

While it might be bad form to bail on a pursuit after reduction than a month on a sideline, a ascent is significant. Beard is walking into a conditions tailor-made for him on both a veteran and personal level. The position he’ll leave behind presented few avenues for success. While UNLV is traditionally a some-more prestigious job, it will take patience, resourcefulness, creativity, and time to reconstruct a Runnin’ Rebels. There’s still value in a position like that, though it might not be adequate to forestall Chris Beard’s homecoming in Lubbock.

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