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March 24, 2016 - Finding Carter

News 12 @ 11 o’clock / Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) — A ninth consider is behind bars, charged with murder after an 18-year-old was stabbed to genocide during a large brawl.

As Richmond county deputies requisitioned Terry Lee Daniels into jail Wednesday night, people came together to demeanour for ways to stop a lethal attack like we saw final Friday.

A quarrel between teenagers incited into a quarrel that took a teen’s life. It’s a crime that repelled and saddened a community, and it’s desirous a enterprise for change. “I’m a stakeholder in this community. we have kids and we have interns that have been with me and are in this village and we caring about a youth,” Poppin’ Stop owners Amber Jacobs said.

That’s since Jacobs gave adult her store for a night to reason a assembly with parents, leaders, and other village members. “I consider if we can lift together some-more afterwards a lot of a issues can be prevented,” she said.

Akesha Tarver is one primogenitor prepared to make an impact. “Trying to be a certain voice, a certain chairman for them so during some indicate they’ll make a change,” Tarver said.

A change to forestall something like this from function again. They wish to yield some-more opportunities like internships and ways to be some-more active in a community. “All kids are not bad, all kids are not squad members, though they all need attention, adore and they all need to be shown opposite things,” she said.

So either it’s from mentoring, hosting events, or only articulate to kids, this organisation skeleton to start giving some-more of that adore and attention. “It’s adult to us as a community, as educators to make a disproportion since we are a voice,” Saving Our Schools personality Anita Mills said.

And their voice is observant no to a violence, and approbation to change. “In a bible we speak about adore and this is a approach we uncover it. We have to come together. You can't be afraid,” Tarver said.

A commissioner, someone from a mayors office, and even a integrate of possibilities using for internal bureau all came out to help. The large problem they contend is anticipating a income to put some of these skeleton into action, though they contend they will find a approach to make it work.

They do have a plain devise for their initial event. It’s called Party for Peace. It’s subsequent Saturday from 4:00 until 7:00 during Poppin’ Stop. They devise to have music, food, and other activities.


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW)– A 9th chairman has been arrested in tie to a lethal area brawl. 19 year aged Terry Lee Daniels was requisitioned into a Charles B. Webster Detention Center Wednesday.

Daniels is being charged with murder.

Deputies are still acid for 18 year aged Eddie Doneal Carter III.

Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016


Disturbing video seen initial on 12 shows a quarrel where an 18-year-old was stabbed to genocide with a kitchen knife.

Witnesses contend 30-50 people were concerned in that lethal brawl.

Now, 8 people including a array of high propagandize students are confronting transgression murder charges.

“If any good is going to come from this box it’s that we’re going to uncover we that each chairman who was concerned in this form of ridiculous function is going to be charged with a many serious crime that we can presumably assign them with,” pronounced Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree.

Sheriff Roundtree says they are charging everybody concerned with a quarrel with transgression murder–because that quarrel led to a genocide of 18-year-old Demajhay Bell.

He says it all started with an evidence during Glenn Hills High School, where many of a teenagers charged go to school.

“That play that happens in high school, and everybody has left by it, though when a adults get involved, that’s always a bad thing,” Roundtree said.

You saw a video initial on 12.
It shows disharmony in a typically still neighborhood.

It seems it did start with a smaller quarrel between dual girls, afterwards people with bats uncover up– banging them on a belligerent and even on cars.

Fists, knives, even cars are eventually used as weapons.

“It was a array of events that led to it. It wasn’t one occurrence of a aroused act opposite an individual, it was a concurrent unwavering effort,” Roundtree said.

He says adults removing concerned and amicable media helped expand a fight.

“We as a society, we need to contend that we’re not going to endure that and that’s since we’re holding such a clever position and charging any chairman we presumably can in tie with this murder, and we’re charging them with transgression murder,” he said.

Richmond County Deputies continue to hunt for everybody concerned in a quarrel that led to a teen’s death.

So distant 8 people are charged with murder and aggravated assault.

Community activists contend it’s time to step adult and make a change.

It’s a aroused quarrel involving dozens of teenagers and parents– and it’s got a village talking.

“I don’t consider anything was value someone losing their life, fighting, going to jail over,” pronounced Amber Jacobs, a found of Cultural Passport.

She’s operative with Saving Our Students, founded by Anneatta Mills after Mills’ 19-year-old nephew was shot and killed in 2011.

Jacobs pronounced when she listened about a quarrel that led to 18-year-old Demajhay Bell stabbed and killed, she called Mills.

“She was a initial chairman that we called and we said, ‘what are we going to do?’ From there we discussed carrying a village forum and removing people together to plead how we can work together to forestall attack like this from happening,” Jacobs said.

Rudolph Brown is a high propagandize tyro who also works with Saving Our Students.

“The adults should have asked a students ‘why aren’t we in school’ though instead they’re fighting. They jumped in,” Brown said.

“If kids are going to propagandize to learn, and to improved themselves, all else should be trivial,” Jacobs said.

Saving Our Students had a forum Wednesday dusk where Brown and Jacobs contend a village can speak about how to keep things like this from function again.

“That’s since programs and forums and discussions are needed, so that we can cold down a attrition and concede a students, and a relatives and a village to get along a lot better,” Brown said.

“I consider we need to come together to plead that and how we can all work together towards finale a violence,” Jacobs said.

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