Video: Country star Lisa McHugh speaks about anticipating celebrity and her loyalty with ‘Wagon Wheel’ star Nathan Carter

March 3, 2017 - Finding Carter

By Kirsten Elder

March 3 2017

Country singing beauty talks about anticipating celebrity and holding to a theatre with her new debate #CountryConcertTour

Lisa McHugh said: “The final 6 years for me have really been a best 6 years of my life, all be it, it’s been impossibly tough work…”

Impressively, Lisa has won ‘Female vocalist of a year’, 5 years using and has won a ‘outstanding feat on a universe theatre 2012.’

The overworked gifted thespian said: “It’s a good feeling and I’ve been really propitious to accept so many over a final 5 or 6 years and fingers crossed it is usually a start of them.”

The Enniskillen formed thespian loves vital in Northern Ireland, Lisa McHugh said: “I adore Enniskillen, I’ve been there now for 4 and a half years and I’m carrying a ball, it’s such a poetic small town, their really welcoming, really accessible an it’s really executive as good so a travelling is most easier and all my friends are there so I’m really staid there.”

Lisa McHugh will be assimilated on theatre in a Millennium Forum by one of her fans, Chelsea Evans from Donegal, who was a propitious leader of a FaceBook foe to sing your favorite strain of Lisa’s with her on theatre live!

Lisa McHugh plays a Millennium Forum in Londonderry on 10 Mar and a Waterfront Hall, Belfast on 23 March.

For debate dates and some-more information about Lisa’s song click here

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