Vikings close out Gering

August 27, 2016 - Finding Carter

Sure, Northwest quarterback Carter Terry had his blood pumping before a Vikings diversion opposite Gering. It was a home opener and a initial suggestive diversion he’d played given competing in beginner round final season.

Most of those emotions went out a window after his initial varsity toss went to Brady Glause for a 17-yard touchdown. It was all Northwest from there, as a Vikings surfaced Gering 34-0 Friday night during Northwest High School.

Terry accounted for all 5 Northwest touchdowns while a Bulldogs were shutout and mislaid in their 23rd uninterrupted contest.

“Emotions were using high and we had a lot of adrenaline,” Terry said. “Once we started going, we got used to a diversion and it went quick though it was fun. The initial measure was a good certainty booster. It was a good drawn adult play with good blocking. we gotta give credit to a receivers there.”

On a Vikings third position, Terry found Glause again, this time for a 75-yard score. Glance slipped a span of tackles over a center before holding a rest of a approach down a sideline. The twin are friends and worked out together this summer. Glause pronounced a bond has carried over to a field.

“I saw that Tanner and Jaden weren’t open so we only ran upfield and Carter got me a ball. Tanner and Jaden put adult good blocks for me and we was means to go score.”

On a indirect Vikings possession, Terry once again done a large play, this time with his legs. Terry got to a corner on a screw play and took it a rest of a approach for a 53-yard score.

With a 21-0 cushion, a Northwest offense sputtered here and there, incompetent to finish drives, though it frequency mattered as a invulnerability kept Gering in check.

“Offensively, we were impossibly inconsistent. Dynamic during certain times, though bad during times,” Northwest conduct manager Kevin Stein said. “Defensively, we suspicion we played unequivocally consistent. We tackled flattering good and lonesome flattering good. We hold a shutout that is good. we give them unequivocally good marks.”

After Northwest incited a round over on downs on back-to-back possessions, a seven-play, 74-yard expostulate was capped off when Terry found Tanner Lierman for a 30-yard score.

Northwest’s final measure came in a third entertain when Terry found Glause once again on a 3-yard score. The 77-yard expostulate was fueled by Terry and Jadyn Rodenbaugh, who connected 3 times.

As Northwest usually pulled away, Gering struggled to get most of anything going, giving adult their dual best scoring chances with fumbles in a red zone.

“It was indeed a mess. We went and knew accurately what they were going to run and worked on it all week and only didn’t execute,” Gering conduct manager Todd Ekart said. “We got sleepy and we got idle and missed reads. They out-toughed us.”

Gering quarterback Tyler Pszanka, creation his second varsity start, started 1-10 by a atmosphere before settling in and anticipating comparison receiver Chris Palomo 5 times for 91 yards. In a using game, Gering averaged only 1.7 yards per carry.

“I suspicion adult front, we played 10 to 12 kids and a defensive line had implausible penetration,” Stein said. “They played trained and got to a line of struggle and hold their possess there.”

With a waste pier adult for a Gering seniors, Ekart says that should be adequate proclivity going forward.

“I told a seniors Monday, they haven’t won a game,” Ekart said. “That should be proclivity in itself. We don’t have to give them a rah-rah speech. They need to get on a house here.”

A disastrous for a Vikings was 4 personal tainted penalties.

“Being unruly with some unsportsmanlike penalties was impossibly disappointing,” Stein said.

Stein combined that he favourite Terry’s preference creation in his varsity start. After all, his entrance went so good that there was a opposite quarterback kneeling to finish a diversion as backup Matthew Fredricks played a infancy of a second half.

As for Terry, he says he’s looking for some-more repetitions in a flitting game.

“We only got to operative on the timing and run crisper routes,” he said. “We weren’t unequivocally focused during some points.”

Northwest plays during Alliance subsequent week. Gering hosts Class B, No. 5 McCook

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