Warriors vs. Lakers NBA summer joining recap: Patrick McCaw continues to stir in detriment to L.A.

July 12, 2016 - Finding Carter

After display off his descent repertoire and on-ball invulnerability on Saturday, Patrick McCaw showed how disruptive he can be on a defensive finish tonight.

But what competence have been even some-more enlivening was his passing. In a second half, McCaw began display off his flitting ability in transition, in half justice sets from a wing and once in a good collect and roll. His placement, hold and timing in each conditions were outstanding, though some-more importantly was that he only sees a angles on a building so good — his feel for a diversion on both ends is only a outrageous item along with his athleticism and earthy attributes.

In a initial half, McCaw got off to a plain start while alternately guarding 2016 lottery collect Brandon Ingram and 2015 lottery collect D’Angelo Russell, creation things tough on both when he drew them. He started out on Russell and did a plain pursuit before Russell only went off. In a box score, you’ll note he had 3 steals in a initial entertain display only how disruptive his length and athleticism can be on that end. He got another take in a second half and afterwards a deflection that didn’t uncover adult in a box score.

Mostly, McCaw only fits a mold of a Warriors actor right now: a smart, potentially versatile actor on both ends.

If you’re wondering about either McCaw’s rather slight support could be a weakness, there competence have been signs of that in a initial half: there were a integrate of times when he got hung adult on screens and fell behind a action. But we have to adore that a man has shown no fear of contact: he’s shown no signs of fear in going to a bucket, that is refreshing.

Other notes:

  • Robert Carter, Jr. had a improved display tonight than he did in a initial game, display some of a skills that done him such a rarely regarded undrafted player. He unequivocally has a collection to turn a widen 4 or tiny round 5 in this league, display a plain shot as good as comfort and restraint doing a ball. Defensively, there were moments when he seemed to remove focus, though I’ll take a improvement.
  • Thomas Walkup didn’t make a outrageous sense on a box score, though he had a play in a initial half where he was means to stop a Brandon Ingram drive. So that was a prominence for him.
  • Ognjen Kuzmic still looked like he’s anticipating his way. As a Wolves blogger told me, “I’ve seen a lot of large with bigs with bad hands, though Kuzmic…he’s on another level.”
  • MAMADOU NDIAYE played. He is tall! But he runs a building unequivocally good for a tellurian that size. Would adore to see a man play more.
  • Keifer Sykes was once again assertive adequate to be a heading scorer.

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