WBB: Defeat from a jaws of Vic

February 9, 2015 - Finding Carter

Gary Blair likely a tighten and tough fought game, and that’s what we got on a SEC network on Sunday afternoon.

First half

The Ags started Khaalia Hillsman in a post along with a common lineup of Ade, Williams, Walker and Jones. The dual teams played unequivocally tighten for many of a half. Clanga countered with Victoria Vivians, Martha Alwal, Dominique Deilingham, Jerica James, and Breanna Richardson. Both teams attempted to settle a inside diversion early,, though for a Ags, it was a Courtney Walker uncover in a initial half. Walker scored 19 points in a half on 6-11 sharpened with a 3. She was also 6-6 from a FT line as a Ags took a 32-28 lead into a intermission. The altogether 44% sharpened by a As came from Walker and 14 other FG attempts by a rest of a Ags. Hillsman was 2-4, Ade was 1-1 on a good expostulate down a left side of a lane. Williams had another tough sharpened performance, going 1-5.

The Lady Bulldogs were some-more balanced. Martha Alawal led a group with 6 notwithstanding carrying to lay for a vast partial of a duration with 2 fouls. Two other MSU starters finished a half with 2 fouls. Vivians and Dillingham.

Second half

Alwal was a concentration to start a second half. But a Ags were means to keep a lead and widen it to 40-32 while sketch a 3rd and 4th fouls on Vivians, a MSU heading scorer for a season. MSU helped a Ags by attack usually 2-8 FTs during a stretch. MSU picked adult their full justice vigour and pennyless a run, though a Ags matched a defensive power and both teams struggled in a center of a half to score.

MSU got into a reward initial and cut a lead to 3 on a span of Morgan William FTs. William afterwards sloping a round divided from Jones who was called for her 4th tainted given Ref Bev Roberts’ hallucinogens contingency have kicked in.

Walker was still until she strike a integrate of FTs during 8:31. The refshow continued as Hillsman got called for her 4th while fortifying Alwal, and Walker got called for a controversial descent foul. But Clanga couldn’t gain as Kendra Grant incited it over and Curtyce was means to pull a tainted on Grant before a 7:42 media timeout. At this indicate it was flattering conspicuous that a Ags were still adult 3 notwithstanding not scoring a FG given a 16:41 mark.

Curtyce missed a front finish and Alwal cut a lead to 2 by creation 1 of 2 after Knox was called for her 4th foul. William tied it on a drive. 44-44 with 6:40 left. The Bulldogs took a lead on a span of FTs. Ade was fouled on an descent house by Dillingham and cut it to 1. The Bulldogs couldn’t control a miscarry on a skip and CWill got a Ags initial FG in forever. William got a lead behind for MSU. Ade drew a 4th tainted on Dillingham during 5:02. Ade strike both. Ags by 1. William took a lead behind by bursting a D and attack a curtain in a line with a shot time using down.

William’s expostulate led to JJ entrance behind in with 4 tainted during 4:31. CWill strike Jada for a layup to make it 51-50 Ags. The Ags got a stop, though CWalk was called for roving while sophistry a round on a opening (questionable either she had possession). Walker started anticipating holes in a D and gathering to a bucket. She missed a initial one, though a second time gave a Ags a 3 indicate lead. Alwal strike 1 of 2 from a FT line to make it a 2 indicate game.

The teams traded descent fouls and it was 53-51 Ags with 1:28 left. Grant tied it with a prolonged J. The Ags couldn’t measure as JJ missed a pushing layup in traffic. MSU round with 47 seconds left 53 all. Timeout MSU as a round crossed halfcourt with 39.1 left. William had an open line though pulled behind and authorised JJ to force Vic to call another timeout. 28.6 seconds left. 12 on a shot clock.

The Ags got a stop and had dual chances to strike a diversion winner, Williams couldn’t strike from a right dilemma or after Ade sloping a house to her on a right FT line extended.


The Ags started a OT with 4 fouls on Jones, Hillsman, Mitchell, Knox, and Ade. But Dillingham was a initial actor to tainted out on a Ags initial possession on a purposeless tainted on JJ divided from a ball.  Coach Blair started with Rachel in a post in a OT. JJ strike both FTs and Williams done it 57-53 before removing called for her 4th foul. Grant cut it behind to 2 from a FT line. Williams drew Grant’s 4th personal on a subsequent possession though usually strike 1 of 2. Ade fouled out on a William expostulate and Tavarsha transposed her. But William missed both FTs. William fouled Rachel out on a play where Rachel was retreating a whole time. This time William strike both to make it a 1 indicate game. JJ drew a 3rd tainted on William (who attempted to flop). JJ strike 1 of 2. Ags got a stop and CWalk drew Grant’s 5th.

Vivians, who had been close down for many of a game, strike a 3 from a left dilemma with usually underneath a notation left to take a lead by 1. Williams couldn’t strike though Carter for MSU incited it over on a rebound.Timeout Ags 27.9 left.

Jones ran a time down to about 10 (the chyron shot time wasn’t working) and gave it to Walker for a baseline J. It missed long. Tavarsha and Breanna Richardson battled for a rebound, that strike a building usually inside a baseline. Tavarsha pacifist out of finish and flipped a round behind inbounds toward Jones, though Morgan William hardly kick JJ in a atmosphere and tapped it brazen where Savannah Carter was means to squeeze it. Ball diversion by inches. JJ fouled out perplexing to lengthen a game, though it was too late.

Final score: Former students 63, Current Students 61.


I indeed feel softened about how we played in this detriment than in a win vs Mizzou. Coach Vic has a good group this deteriorate and it was a unequivocally even matchup and an interesting diversion (there were 14 lead changes), even if a outcome was unpleasant and a officiating was mostly bizarre.

  • Courtney Walker led all scorers with 25 points, though had a tough time for many of a second half. She missed 7 jumpers and 3 layups while creation usually 1 FG. But she contributed in other ways. Walker shielded Vivians from many of a game, and had 8 rebounds and 2 steals. One of a categorical forms of second guessing for this diversion is either Blair should have complacent CWalk more. She played 45 mins and when she was blank in a second half it was tough to not consider she was gassed. But a problem for Blair is that nonetheless we have a lot of abyss during guard, many on a dais are some-more wing players than sharpened guards. In particular, it seems that Tori Scott and Chelsea Jennings are some-more prolific during a 3 than a 2, that is since a backup PG, Curtyce Knox, infrequently sees time as Walker’s deputy during a 2. Knox played some-more mins than any other reserve, though it was in service of Jones.
  • Courtney Williams’ struggles continued. Earlier in a year, Williams carried a group when Walker was in a slump. Now it seems like a other channel of a CW network is in a funk, generally on a road. The fact that we’ve played a strongest opponents on a highway is one factor, though 4-16 on Sunday came after 4-18 opposite a Mizzou group that is not on a same level. Although fans are undone by her sharpened woes, Coach Blair leaves her on a building partly in hopes that she will mangle out, though also given she’s a many softened rebounder. Williams, Walker and Ade any grabbed 8 boards, and a Ags outrebounded a Bulldogs altogether 49-45.
  • Jordan Jones had usually 4 assists, and worse, a whole group usually had 5 (the other was from Williams). This mostly reflects a power of a D for a diversion on both sides. MSU had 8 assists for a diversion with a personality being F Breanna Richardson with 4. Richardson got credit for feeding Alwal in a post 3 times and a kickout to Dominique Dillingham. The 2 Bulldog PGs any had 1 assist.
  • In a post, Khaalia Hillsman scored 5 and grabbed 13 boards, a career high. Rachel Mitchell showed reduction in a stat sheet, though she had a decent diversion in being an intimidator in a paint. Her initial tainted was a quite reticent one, blatantly shoving a Bulldog. But there were others that we suspicion were extrinsic during best calls. In particular, we remember many announcers articulate about how substantiating position is not a same as station still. There was a late call on Rachel where she was subsidy adult in what Blair calls bank pirate D: hands up. we suspicion Jada Terry did a good pursuit when she was indispensable with both Khaalia and Rachel in tainted difficulty in a second half.
  • As remarkable in a prior bullet, both teams played torpedo D for many of a game. The Ags were hold to 20% sharpened in a second half, while Miss State shot 30.4% after a initial intermission. Each group incited it over 14 times.
  • Player of a diversion should substantially be backup PG Morgan William for MSU. William had 15 points in 28 mins of play, 2 steals and 6 boards. 6 boards! She’s listed during 5′ 5″ and a announcers pronounced she’s substantially not unequivocally that tall. More importantly, she altered a appetite and movement (even a small of that was benefiting from some auspicious calls from a refs).
  • This was a initial time Coach Blair has mislaid to a former partner coach. Earlier this deteriorate he suffered his initial detriment opposite anyone who had formerly worked for him when a Ags mislaid to Washington. In a postgame with a ESPN hosts, Vic finished a talk with “Praise a Lord and Go Dogs”.

Despite my enterprise to see positives in a Aggie play, a finish outcome is usually as bad for a team’s postseason prospects. The Ags came into a diversion in a low 20s in RPI and missed a possibility to pierce into 3rd place in a SEC standings. AM is now alone in 6th place. The Ags have games remaining with 2 teams above us: Kentucky on a highway and LSU during home. LSU, Miss State, and Kentucky all still have S. Carolina forward of them, and UK and MSU play any other. Kentucky still has to get past a Lady Vols. So all is not mislaid in a query for SEC tourney byes… though this would have helped.

Up Next:

  • Arkansas Lady Razorbacks
  • Thursday Feb 12 8PM
  • Reed Arena
  • SEC Network, KZNE AM1150

The final time a Ags played Arkansas, a women won on a buzzer beater.  First year manager Jimmy Dykes got his initial SEC highway win opposite Alabama in their final diversion on Feb 1. They had a bye final Thursday, and were off on Sunday before removing Georgia on Monday night in a diversion that WBB fans will maybe watch a small bit of before tuning in to S. Carolina during UConn, that tips off an hour later. Updating a Hawgs starters is candid given they haven’t changed, and they’re still personification lots of minutes. The numbers have generally left down a hold as a turn of foe improved.

  • #42 6-1 Sr F Jhasmin Bowen scoring normal has left from 11.8 ppg to 11.2 ppg and while rebounds have left from 7.6 to 6.8 rebounds/game
  • #33 6-0 Jr F Melissa Wolf is still a heading rebounder during  8.2 (prev 9.3)/game and also scores 9ppg.
  • #0 6-3 So F Jessica Jackson is scoring 13.3 ppg. She had 18 vs a Ags in Fayetteville, though it was from 7-22 shooting, that enclosed 2-11 from 3. Ill-advised 3 pointers might have been a pivotal to a AM win.
  • #15 5-9 So G Kelsey Brooks is heading a SEC in scoring again during 16 ppg.
  • #11 5-10 Sr G Callie Berna had 7 assists in a prior game. She’s averaging usually underneath 5 assists/g (second in a SEC to JJ) and 5.3 ppg.

The late start creates a diversion a nightcap for an SEC Network WBB doubleheader. Miss State and UK will be a early diversion on a SEC Network, while LSU plays during S. Carolina on FSN.

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