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January 28, 2017 - Finding Carter

Back in 2013, distinguished lane manager Mr Glen Mills described a conditions per taboo and criminialized substances as a “minefield” for athletes.

Jamaicans got a unpleasant sign of a border of that “minefield” this week with news that Jamaica has mislaid a Olympic men’s scurry send bullion award for 2008 following a certain exam anticipating for Mr Nesta Carter.

Mr Carter tested certain for methylhexaneamine, a criminialized stimulant, in a re-analysis of samples from a 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The general and internal media have understandably done most of a fact that luminary Mr Usain Bolt has mislaid one of his 9 Olympic Gold medals as a outcome of this latest development. But, of course, other members of a that bullion award winning send team, Messrs Michael Frater and Asafa Powell and Dwight Thomas, who would have run send heats, are also affected.

And while Jamaicans lamentation what many cruise to be injustices in a retesting process, and also ostensible inconsistencies in a proceed to purported doping down a years, let’s not forget that even yet Jamaican entertainment mislaid large time this week as a outcome of argumentative representation re-testing, it also gained.

In fact, yet many were not profitable attention, or have not heard, US-based Jamaican prolonged jumper Ms Chelsea Hammond is now a 2008 Olympic bronze medallist after Russian contestant Ms Tatyana Lebedeva, who had placed second, was bounced, carrying tested certain for a steroid Turinabol.

Many will disagree that an essential disproportion is that Turinabol is a proven performance-enhancing steroid, while methylhexaneamine is a small stimulant, a participation of that Mr Carter claims to have been unknowingly when he took supplements all those years ago.

We good remember a unusual unfolding in 2010 when another Jamaican Olympic legend, Mrs Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, was authorised after reportedly regulating a painkiller for a toothache — yet a remedy with a offending piece would have served as a antidepressant rather than a stimulant.

But as Mr Bolt pronounced yesterday, “Rules are rules.”

We are wakeful that a International Olympic Committee outcome inspiring Mr Carter and his send teammates will be appealed, and we design Mr Carter will have a best probable support, legally and otherwise.

Regardless of a outcome of that appeal, Mr Carter, his teammates, and all Jamaica will have to pierce on — though with some-more tough lessons learnt.

As we have pronounced many times before in this space, it is obligatory on athletes to watch their backs and to be really clever with all they ingest. The authorities have done it really transparent that eventually it’s a athletes who will be hold responsible.

For this newspaper, it is also transparent that staff, including coaches and managers, as good as kin and friends contingency be very, really observant and really protecting of athletes in sequence to assistance them equivocate that minefield out there.

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