What On Earth Is David And Lori’s Connection Beyond ‘Carter’?

October 6, 2014 - Finding Carter

We’re still disorder from Tuesday night’s “Finding Carterfinale. So many questions! What’s Lori planning to do with Carter? Does Mama Wilson consider Carter frankly left with Lori? Are Taylor and Max truly dunzo? Does Grant still have a girlfriend? AND WHAT’S UP BETWEEN DAVID AND LORI?!

Our heads unequivocally good might explode.

That final doubt has us generally baffled. While Lori appears to be posing as a Wilsons’ possess personal stalkerazzi, David continues to play reticent per his “relationship” with Kidnapper Crazypants McGee…unless he unequivocally and truly is only as confused as we are. It’s tough to tell with that one, saying as he has a nasty robe of LYING each possibility he gets.

What we do know is this — while a Wilsons explain to have initial met Lori after Carter and Taylor were born, Lori has famous them most longer. At least, prolonged adequate to take some creepy photos of a immature David canoodling with a unequivocally profound Elizabeth, along with a shirtless shot of David from that same time frame.

Hello, prohibited stuff!

As Lori told Carter shortly after drugging her crater o’ joe, “I was so looking brazen to finally chatting with Elizabeth. We have so most in common, you…and David.” Do David and Lori unequivocally share story — maybe a contemptible event or college fling? Or is Lori only a pointless stalker with an diseased Mr. Wilson obsession?

This is what crazy looks like as a blonde.

Comment with your theories, and get a dip when “Finding Carter” earnings for Season 2 in 2015! (Ugh, do we really have to wait that long?!)

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